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This Post has a lot of foul laguage, under jump.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 29, 2010

Chris Matthews,

This Guy is a cockholster.

Again from Newsbusters, but this guy is such a hyperbolic prick I have to steal from the same site consecutively.  Chris Matthews talking about The Tea Party:

“They don’t believe in evolution, they believe guns should be used against congressman and congresswomen if you don’t like the way they voted and we should reconsider the best thing Congress has done in 100 years – civil rights.?

Who is this “They” you are talking about jackass?  The people who are so broadly defined by the ignorant left who only exist on hatred of America and it’s patriotic citizens, or real people?  Find the people, as individuals, that you are insulting and actually quote them you cumguzzler.

I will skip the evolution thing, because that is a broad spectrum attack on everyone who has a strong faith and believes in the infallibility of God, and not specific to anyone let alone distinct to the Tea-Partiers.

But, “they believe guns should be used against congressman and congresswomen if you don’t like the way they voted,”  First, I would like to point out that at least he recognizes that a gun is a tool, applied to the efforts of a human mind rather than inherently evil in and of itself.  Second, If that is how they felt, then why the hell are the Tea Parties promoting a game changing voting block, rather than just mowing down random congressmembers?  To paraphrase the great literary talent of EddieBear, “Fuck you in the Fuckhole you Fuckstick of Fucktastic Fuckdonut fuckfattassedness.”  (the mans a poet.)

Then this brilliant analrapist (analyst and therapist, or just an anal rapist, no man has ever given ME a tingle up the inside of my leg, and I don’t know his dreams and fantasies, but I think he’s dreaming of A cock, and The president and an ass, so who’s to say?) comes up with this.

“and we should reconsider the best thing Congress has done in 100 years – civil rights.?”

Really?  I must have missed that part, or is “stop spending my children into debt.” “code” for “boy?”  Or maybe “we need to get back to the America the founders envisioned,” code for “You have no right to vote coon?”  REALLY Chris?

He then starts to close out at the end of the program with.

“You convince people that you want government involvement when and only when the private sector can’t act”
Really?  Is that what Clinton convinced people of?  Or was it Goldwater and Reagen, forcing Clinton to reconsider HCR in ’94 after he got his ass handed to him in the house thanks to a, somewhat, conservative Gingrich’s ass kicking?  Clinton did the convincing? or did The People already know it?  I’m going with the latter.
And then, the brilliant and severely disabled individual who experiences random nervous sensations in the present of a man that he forgets is black then said.
“Those who argue otherwise don’t know this country, its history or its basically conservative gut.”
OH!, so, most of America wants to shoot congressmembers, according to this genius, and don’t believe in evolution, but it’s MOST of America that is wrong?  Not you?  You aren’t wrong?  Who doesn’t know this country or it’s history?  I would never use a gun on a congressmember unless they broke into my house or offered a genuine physical threat to my loved ones, BUT I would have no problem for Chris Matthews to find a gun, learn how to use it and off himself.  I don’t wish it, I simply wouldn’t care.
Again to quote the great EddieBear.
“Fuck.  And.  You.  Listen, you utterly ignorant piece of shit motherfuckers, it is not insane to hold conservative views.  It’s not.  Also?  Fuck you for being utterly fucking racist jackwipes.”

3 Responses to “This Post has a lot of foul laguage, under jump.”

  1. Beth said

    Where’s the foul language? I didn’t see you spouting any socialist bullshit…?

  2. Viv said

    Chrissy’s histrionic rhetoric is just symptomatic of the widespread desperation in the media. They see the November 2nd writing on the wall. They know how bad it is when Obama is forced back into campaign mode at college campuses. They are freaking out.

    And Matthews has no choice but to recognize the almighty power of a loaded weapon. He and his cohorts are protected by super security in their buildings every day. I guarantee you the MSNBC security won’t use pepper spray on an eco-terrorist whackjob who wants media attention.

  3. Well, I thought some of the females (as far as I know, we have 2) who read this place, might be offended with “cumguzzler.”

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