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Gawker, cesspool of the internet, flings poo at Christine O’Donnell

Posted by Beth on October 28, 2010

NOW I’m pissed (okay, this isn’t really new, but I’m extra pissed right now).

Gawker has just flung this despicable steaming pile of shit at Christine O’Donnell – an anonymous, paid coward saying he had a one-night stand with her.

Three years ago this week, an intoxicated Christine O’Donnell showed up at the apartment of a 25-year-old Philadelphian and ended up spending the night in his bed. Here’s his story—and photos—of his escapade with the would-be Delaware senator.


Okay, so Christine O’Donnell is not God’s gift to the GOP. But this is absolutely the worst load of bullshit I have ever seen thrown at someone in a political campaign. Absolutely VILE, and reeking of bottom-feeding desperation, which is even more vile considering Christine O’Donnell is almost certainly going to lose anyway!

Worse, the accuser is anonymous (and misidentified in the comments, if you follow the links), and was paid for the story.   Furthermore, these “photos” never show him at all and don’t do anything whatsoever to corroborate his lie; they’re totally irrelevant.  He could have gotten pics of her sitting in church and said he picked her up at church for a one-night stand, and it would have the exact same relevance – as in, ZERO.  To nobody’s surprise (nobody with a brain, that is), there are no photos of any “escapade” at all.

And you know what? I’m about sick and fucking tired of stupid libs saying COD is anti-masturbation and campaigning on a pro-celibacy platform, ffs! She has said repeatedly that when she was younger that WAS true, but that was years ago when she “was a new Christian.”

I hate having to defend her against trash, but I am sick and fucking tired of STUPID LIBS lying or just being fucking stupid, and this disgusting Gawker shit is indefensible and totally out of line.  If this kind of bullshit becomes the new normal and is considered acceptable, America as we know it is dead; we will have nobody worth nominating running for office ever again.

I fucking despise Gawker even more than the Daily Kos, it’s the sleaziest left-wing hipster starfucking sleazy cesspool, ever. It makes traditional tabloid journalism (Enquirer, Star, etc.) look like the fucking Wall Street Journal.  FUCK GAWKER and their filthy bullshit.

I hope she sues those fucking pigs and has everyone from Remy Stern on down selling pencils on park benches for their next meals for the next few years.


UPDATE:  Even the consistently inconsistent NOW has issued a statement condemning this filth:

Today the tabloid website Gawker published an anonymous piece titled “I Had A One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” that takes the routine sexual degradation of women candidates to a disgusting new low. NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece. It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere.

It should be noted that they couldn’t defend her without shilling for Chris Coons, of course, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.  Still, it would be nice to just once see them issue an unqualified condemnation of such trash; you would think this would be the perfect opportunity for them to do so, especially as she is probably not going to win anyway.  *sigh*


**LAST update: I posted the stuff above when I was so pissed I couldn’t really write, just spit.  This says what needs to be said much more coherently; she nails it, as far as I’m concerned.  Additional righteousness in the comments there, too.  (Yes, at a lefty feminist blog.)  I’m pleased to see that Gawker’s abhorrent hit has been met with near-universal condemnation from the right AND the left.

Also, Viv’s comment “on a funny note” here wins.


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That is Not a National Security Policy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 27, 2010

I never thought these people were very smart, they might have taken the time to learn how to ape a few motions you can likely learn playing some flight sims, or rig out an existing explosive, or rocket, maybe fabricate a couple of “field expedient” weapons of death, or be given weapons by nations with no problem interfering with US interests, or steal a weapon here and there, but that doesn’t mean they have the ability to doctor evil their ass out of a paper bag.

That said, little kids aren’t very smart, that’s why they don’t have jobs, or write books.  They spend most of their time waking up at inconvenient times, shitting their pants and eating so that they can generate more shit and piss to put in their pants.  That doesn’t change the fact, that if you aren’t paying attention a child can find something and hit you in the balls with it.  Think you have nothing to worry about in the presence of a child at your own risk, for some reason they all go for the balls, totally not cool, that is why this article, while capable of attacking the superiority of the scumbag islamic extremists, also makes it possible for some to think that the stupidity of our enemy is a national security policy.

It’s not an attack on the article, it’s a good article, but I can see some of those on the other side, I mean “peace activists,” no I mean on the other side, to promote a laissez faire attitude to national security.  Fortune does not equal vigilance, and we cannot count on good fortune again to protect our nation.  We did that for almost 9 years, It cost us 3K human lives, a pretty significant portion of our most iconic city, and two of our most iconic buildings.  It’s important to always remember that we have enemies, and REAL enemies, not like our President defines it, but enemies who want to kill us.

Proactive.  Identify and attack, amazing how quickly someone will open their hand after facing the closed fist.

via the goober.

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Slayer Goes to Church

Posted by Beth on October 26, 2010

This might be the greatest video ever.  *wipes tear from eye*

SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGEL OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!

Nope, I still can’t manage to write anything of substance yet.  LOL   (Aren’t you glad I showed up for this?  Oy.)


Really Important Update! Puddee puddee puddee puddee giga puddee.   That’s all I have to say about Slayer in church.  Puddee.


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Interesting debate in New Mexico

Posted by mesablue on October 24, 2010

Might just get me to vote Dem.

And, what’s with all of these women running for stuff? Especially so many Republican women…

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Posted by Wickedpinto on October 24, 2010

Don’t think I ever put this up.

Bad Boy Bill used to love playing this out on the weekends when I was a teen cruising at an irresponsible time of night.

There is no foul language, though the header I think says “dirty version.”  It just means what is insinuated.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on October 23, 2010


I’m all for science, but the casual disregard for this marvel of modern medicine and it’s immediate applications, is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

Experimenting with non-vital organs is safer and subject to a much more limited set of regulations, since the stakes in experimenting on a human heart are much higher than on less-crucial appendages.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that the first beneficiary of this miracle has a lot of pudding and a webcam.

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Pudding and hobos!

Posted by Beth on October 22, 2010

I was going to pass this on to Ace, but fuckit, I have keys to this blog so we get it first.   If the other Morons wanna see it, they’re just going to have to link here.  😀

Hobos? NO HOBO!


Puddee puddee puddee puddee giga puddee


Sorry, I’m outta Valu-Rite, I had to drink it to have an empty (!) bottle with which to beat the hobos.  *shrugs*


* Bonus!  Hippie-punching! *  (she’s gonna kill me if she sees I’m posting on a blog and didn’t stop to say hi first!)

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Calling all liberals

Posted by mesablue on October 22, 2010

Explain, please…

This has to be one of the most insane things ever said by a politician, let alone the Senate majority leader.

I mean, it’s just. fucking. nuts.

Yet, it will barely make the news — if at all.

I wonder why.

Harry Reid saved the entire damned world — and then lost the election.

Gotta hurt. Such a great man.

And, his son loses too.


His website is hurting right now, as well. Don’t know why, but it’s blammo.

I like to find my own stuff, but it’s late at night and the Ewok master actually posted something new.

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Juan is PISSED!

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 21, 2010

Juan sometimes gets passionate, but not overtly pissed.  He is a lib, and way too partisan during election years.  The way he responds at this is kinda startling, because. . .


He lights into everyone involved, he isn’t just yessing and noing to O’Reilly, he’s sincerely and obviously pissed!

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Just so fun to watch

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 20, 2010

Weasel zippers has a daily warporn feature, which is AWESOME!

This post has 4 vids of jihadi’s killing themselves through poor training and poor maintenance.   I don’t understand the failures in the mortars, I never got to play with them or take any “classes” on them so I don’t know, maybe mesa has some experience and could throw some effing knowledge at me if he’s bored.

But consider this the feel good humpday link.  Go there for the video’s, they rate the traffic, since they are effing awesome.

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Chicago — take a lesson

Posted by mesablue on October 20, 2010

Or any city that outlaws handguns and concealed carry.

Detroit gets at least one thing right — Detroit Police: Man kills carjacker in shootout

The carjacker shot the victim, who fell to the ground, pulled out his own handgun and opened fire as the suspect entered the Escalade, witnesses said.

More than 20 shots were exchanged and the suspect was killed, said Detroit Police Cmdr. Steve Dolunt. The carjacking victim was hit multiple times, including in the face and body, police said.

The carjacking victim had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to police.

Video at the link.

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This post has no reason for being here

Posted by mesablue on October 20, 2010

Except for its unexpurgated awesomeness…

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I Love the Comments

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 19, 2010

At Farks post about Snooki being offered a job in porn.

The first one is great, by “idbecrazyif.”

I don’t care what anyone says. I would finger blast that flinstone push pop until she orange creamed all over my bed. After which I would proceed to law into her bowl of orange sherbet like a fat kid in the middle of august.

That’s just art.  I am not sure if that is english, but it’s pretty effing funny anyways.


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College Humor Funny

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 19, 2010

They parody the Katy Perry Sesame Street appearance in this vid (I don’t see how to embedd) and I think it’s pretty funny.

I’m also pretty sure that that is the same chick from the axe commercial that I like so much.

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Finally. A viable third party

Posted by mesablue on October 19, 2010

The Rent is Too Damn High Party. Best political web site — ever.

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I’m not a witch!

Posted by Beth on October 18, 2010

I’m you!

Okay, I’m not you.  Yeah yeah, I’m here.   Sorry for my laziness, mesablue, and thanks for the keys.  😀

I’ll post something of (questionable) substance later when I’m a little more loquacious and motivated.  I totally forgot how to write since the last time I actually wrote a post on my own (dead) blog.  I’m not even gonna link it because all you see are errors and I’m too lazy to fix that mess and I don’t care anyway (and let’s be honest, neither do you).  I only write in one or two-sentence bleats these days on Facebook (shut up) or occasionally on Twitter, when my bullshit tolerance is abnormally high.

So for now, while I slack off, please help find Missy.  (No, this isn’t some do-gooder project, just click the damn link – you’ll thank me.)

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My objections to Sarah Palin in 2012

Posted by Viv on October 18, 2010

First let me start off by saying that I think Sarah Palin has done a lot for the 2010 elections, while waking up some of the GOP. Plus, she is a good fundraiser.  She can fire up a crowd with her speeches like nobody’s business.  That said, I think it is a huge mistake to even consider her as a GOP candidate for 2012. Here is why.

1) Palin is a divider not a uniter.

The fiscal conservatives of the GOP cannot win a presidential election alone. The moderates of the GOP cannot win by themselves. The neo-cons cannot win by themselves. The social cons/Christian right-wing cannot win alone. The libertarians of the GOP cannot win. The independents can’t win. You get the picture. Each of these groups usually share some common ground, but their priorities are all placed differently and therefore party purity will never exist.

Purging the party of any of these groups is a big mistake. Pragmatism must prevail.

Palin has a problem helping and/or endorsing candidates with whom she is not ideologically equal.  There is a reason that Palin isn’t out stumping for Carly Fiorina (R-CA) to defeat Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in the Senate race. [Yes, I know she endorsed Carly.] She doesn’t want to have that bite her later with her pro-life base. Plus, Fiorina wouldn’t benefit substantially in a more moderate-voting California, by having a Palin endorsement.  Do you think Susan Collins (R-ME) would welcome the support of Palin? No, of course not. As a female Republican voter, I find this trend to be disturbing.

At a time when the majority of female voters leans toward the Democrats, it is imperative for the GOP to gain ground with women voters – YES, even the pro-life and/or pro-choice voters. [DISCLOSURE: I’m vehemently pro-life and have substantial creds on this subject. ] I am not a big fan of Republicans who are pro-choice, but I’m a realist and believe they have to have a place in the “big tent.”  Don’t you think that Collins, Snowe, Fiorina, etc… would vote for a Supreme Court nominee that may hold pro-life views among others? They have and they will.  Despite their occasional abhorrent votes on other issues, that does not make them unworthy of a united front by the GOP, including Sarah Palin’s support.

Naturally, I support a more conservative candidate (i.e., Rubio (R-FL) to claim victory over a less conservative Republican, but ONLY when that candidate is viable (and not down double-digits).  I frown on tossing away a possibility at a majority vote and the right to drive an agenda, just for the sake of party purity. Anyone who doubts this logic need only look at the historic numbers achieved by the best Republican uniter, Ronald Reagan. Palin is no Reagan.

2) Palin is not strong enough to lead the GOP in the ousting of Obama.

Why? Because like it or not, Obama is just better at the fluff speeches.  The reason we have Obama is because so many independents and moderates bought into the hope/change/dreams lines from Obama’s idiot boards.  Palin can give some entertaining speeches too, but not as well as Obama. And because she can’t seem to unite the factions of the GOP, she will struggle gaining the confidence of the independents and moderates, no matter how well she throws out the one-liners to bait them.

The incumbent has the advantage. [Also at play are Obama picking Hilary Clinton as his new VP running mate and an economy that may not recover while the Republicans have control of the Congress between 2010 and election day of 2012.] While Obama doesn’t do well in interviews and debates, neither does Palin. Again, she’s weaker when pressed in those ‘gotcha moments’ and the media isn’t going to start doing her any favors. Obama was their golden child and they will work hard to push him, especially if Palin is his 2012 opponent.

3) Palin will be slaughtered in the GOP primary.

You think that Obama and the media will be hard on Palin, just wait until she has to go head to head with the other GOP possibilities. Can you imagine her in a debate with Huckabee, Romney, Barbour and Daniels (just to name a few)? They are all governors who never QUIT their job. They will nail her on that.  Palin can hit the pulse of the talking points (reduced government, lower taxes, strong defense, secure borders, etc…), but when it comes to substance, she is going to struggle against the credentials of the aforementioned candidates. She will have to come prepared to not only defend her record but also bring appealing ideological solutions beyond the catch phrases.

4) Palin is sexy, but I think America is getting weary of sexy.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun on this one and giving voters more credit than they deserve. But I’m tired of the only candidates that seem electable are the ones who look good. I’d rather have a chunky Haley or a comb-over Daniels because they can bring real solutions to the table. They can bring more than just looking good in a suit (or pumps) and flashing a million dollar smile. Are we really this shallow? Haven’t we learned this lesson enough times? I think all the protests over the last few years suggest that we are tired of slogans and pretty faces and want substance. My concern is that Palin may not be able to offer the latter.

5) The whole “I’m just like you” meme is part of Palin’s charm, but also a flaw.

I’m a female Republican, so naturally it is exciting for me to have a candidate with whom I can identify. I liked Palin on McCain’s ticket because of that very reason, and because she brought executive experience. Also, she complimented McCain’s weaknesses on energy and immigration policies.  However, I don’t want a president who is just like me. I want someone better than me. I want someone smarter than me. I want someone who can communicate better than me. I do not want a victim, because I’m not one. Palin does occasionally take the “I’m a victim of media slant and establishment criticism” road and I am not impressed by that. While it is probably true, she doesn’t need to remind us of this fact. Very few Republicans get a fair shake in the media. Suck it up, girlfriend. Our nominee doesn’t have to be a Yale or Harvard graduate, but I can say I went to fewer colleges than Palin to get my undergraduate degree. Remember, I expect more.  We don’t want a snob or an elitist, but I think she will struggle with her credentials against some of the others who can also pull off the “I’m like you” too — Mike Huckabee comes to mind here.

I believe the GOP will need a candidate that can appeal to all of the GOP groups, not just the Tea Partiers, in order to defeat Obama. I will certainly support Palin if she is the GOP nominee, but I am admitting now that I will be disappointed if that is the best we can do and will be more than skeptical of her chances to beat Obama.

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Vince Vaughn, A Notorious Outspoken Political Hater!

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 18, 2010

WHAT!? good luck finding an interview with Vince about anything other than the movie he is promoting, but because he said you are thin skinned, you are getting thin skinned?

To paraphrase a common term among people who have actually lived a life in the real world, “Suck it up Nancy/Butch/Bruce/Rosey.”

ALL Jokes have a punchline and those punchlines are usually a person or a group.

Lets see the union of stupid whorish models protest Daniel Tosh,(watch all of them) or those who protest Lisa Rinna for manufactured lips? or really anyone with the LEAST bit of self awareness.


3/4’s of my jokes attack myself, and that is all cool.  OH!  We can only laugh at cookie the clown, but never at bozo?  Newsflash GLAAD!  You are BOZO, and MUCH less entertaining, and what would you think if Cookie killed himself?  Since it IS clear that both Cookie and Bozo were gay, so who do you blame?

Lesbians like Whoopi and “Joy” (if that isn’t a misnomer) can bitch all they want.  Comedy is fundamentally cruel, and even if it’s cruel against you, a well crafted joke is still funny.

Suck it up nancy/bruce/rosey/bieber, it’s how things are.  Reality is as it is.

Close out with one of my favorite bits, which ALSO insults people, though with a moral, OH! THEN It’s okay.

My favorite is the chair part, but in context, you bulldyke, hypergay idiots who want to ruin the fun for everyone are like the people Louis is talking about.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 17, 2010

Read this over at geekpress, and it’s genius.

When you are famous, and when you live in the very place that virtually everyone loves you, how do you go to get the latest issue of X-men without having everyone mob you?  Why, you go as yourself, because no one would believe you would be so brazen.

John Elway Wears His Own Jersey.

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Twenty Effing THREE

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 14, 2010

And this idiot says she’s against children?

It’s actually Twenty Effing EIGHT! but still, TWENTY EFFING THREE!

To paraphrase one of the worlds greatest Conciliators of all things, “Clem

“Hey! You’re talking to my girl all wrong. It’s the wrong tone. Do it again, I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron..”


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