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CNN — the Energizer Bunny

Posted by mesablue on October 2, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving.

Rick Sanchez fired from CNN.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez is not happy with being made fun of constantly on The Daily Show and Colbert Report. It is from this jumping off point that he absolutely unleashed on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and at times his own network, on Pete Dominick’s satellite radio show yesterday.

The big takeaway – Sanchez calls Stewart “a bigot,” then walks it back a bit, and he implies CNN is run by Jews.

He could always go to work for Air America.

Oh, right.

4 Responses to “CNN — the Energizer Bunny”

  1. Yeah, I linked mediate.

  2. HAH

  3. *chuckles*

  4. Viv said

    That was a rare smart thing CNN did. Of course putting Elliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker on a show together erases any concerns I might have about CNN management getting a brain in my lifetime.

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