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Am I missing something?

Posted by Viv on October 5, 2010

How is it that we can try and convict a man for a botched attempt at terrorism on Time Square back in May of this year, yet we cannot even bring to trial the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing that happened ten years ago this month?

WTF?! Where is the justice? al-Nashiri is al-Qaeda, FFS! Why does it take 10 years to gather enough evidence to produce a case against that bastard who strategically planned to kill our US military? Why can’t they even decide on the appropriate venue for this trial? TEN YEARS?!! Seriously?!

I’m no legal mastermind, admittedly, so maybe I don’t understand the complexities of criminal trials and/or military tribunals. However, I’m impatient (ten years impatient) when it comes to justice for the victims’ families of the USS Cole, a ship that I played a small role in preparing for military readiness.


3 Responses to “Am I missing something?”

  1. wasn’t he also already convicted, or plead guilty in front of the military tribunals?

  2. Viv said

    He was charged in front of the tribunals, but then charges were dropped by the Obama administration, with no future plans to prosecute him. I hate the Obama administration mostly because of this. It’s personal.

  3. I swear he admitted his guilt. (I’m reviewing, some of my dork gamer friends are pointing out posts (no, I won’t tell you what game, it’s almost as embarrassing as farmville))

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