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The Violent Greenies

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 6, 2010

Aren’t even original.

Everyone’s seen the video of the 10:10 thing,

If you don’t want to watch the vid, though you probably should if you haven’t already, here’s the summary:

Dissenters will be killed.  Something like this.

And then today they had this other macabre image of what the world is doing to the environment.

Which looks a lot like this.

(embedd’s acting funny, just C&P it, it’s from SawIV)

(since I can’t get the video from SawIV to embedd, I will include this.)

“Look at me Al Gore, It’s all for you.”

These sick, clearly totalitarian jerks, cuz clearly they are totalitarian, they threaten violence, while claiming that The Other is gonna come kill you should know better than to hier Uwe Boll, Darren Lynne Bousman or Eli Roth to direct their creative teams.

So, so far we have that they are totalitarian, unoriginal and stupid, not a good collection of traits there.  Let us not forget the final thing they are?


(everywhere I found all of this stuff is in the blogroll, there were a lot of people who had the video and image first, I just tossed in some flavor.)

[ed:  I tried to fix the embeds sometimes works for me sometimes doesn’t so I added another vid]


3 Responses to “The Violent Greenies”

  1. Viv said

    I had not seen the new image ad, but watched that video last week. It’s deplorable. I think they were discussing it on O’Reilly this week too.

  2. I thought it was ubiquitous so I didn’t comment on it, but after the image, I thought it needed a mean commentary.

  3. Beth said

    This isn’t any different from Mao or Stalin. When all the opposition is eliminated, all their great totalitarian ideas will come to fruition, right?

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