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I Don’t know what to think about this.

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 9, 2010

In 1970 there was an incident at Kent State, I don’t call it a massacre, because the “peace” protesters had already proven themselves to be quite violent against their fellow citizens by then.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a report of an analysis of a 40 year old audio recording.

Apparently, some short period before the rifle fire by the NG, there are four audible sounds, and incitements within the crowd leading to the idea that someone in the crowd was armed and had discharged their weapon.  The focus is on an FBI photographer named Terry Norman who might have initiated the altercation accidentally or through poor training when trying to chase away some hippies who were assaulting him.

In the article there are some anecdotal tales of “hearing 4 shots” from the guy who recorded the audio, apparently there is contemporaneous reports of his statement.

If it was the Fibby, he was clearly poorly trained, if it was someone else I don’t know.  However the truth works out with this information, both sides were horribly wrong, and led to a backlash that cost millions of lives due to pathetic political expediency.

Interesting story, read it.

[edit: Blech, forgot to include the fact I found it thanks to Kathy Shaidle, who writes at “5 feet of Fury”  (another great name)]


One Response to “I Don’t know what to think about this.”

  1. Interesting report, interesting indeed. And sort of substantiates reports that were coming out in the immediate aftermath, if memory serves me correctly. I wouldn’t call it a massacre either though. Now Waco? That I would call the massacre of innocent women and children…

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