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I never understood the gold thing

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 10, 2010

Even as an inflationary hedge, gold is nothing more than a commodity given excessive value based on virtually nothing.  Reason has this brief post, really just a bit of excerpting.

What is golds intrinsic value?  It’s a good conductor (though not best) of electricity and heat.  The heat part makes it excellent for jewelry, especially since it’s all shiny, Ohh, brb, a ball of yarn.

Back, because when worn, it quickly assumes body temperature.  It’s also a “Noble Metal” meaning it doesn’t oxidize, or decay in general absent specific circumstances, making it ideal for some computer and space applications, but the total volume of gold used in electronics is almost completely insignificant compared to jewelry, let alone the total stockpiles held my nations.

Does anyone know the real value of gold other than it’s virtually insignificant chemical characteristics and the Oooh, Shiny.  Brb, there’s a lazer pointer outside the door.

Damn, forgot to open the door.


2 Responses to “I never understood the gold thing”

  1. Viv said

    I don’t understand the fascination to invest in it nor do I recognize any need to make it the standard for backing the value of the dollar.

    I’m a platinum kind of gal, anyway.

  2. platinum has the same characteristics, though I think I recall that it’s basically crap for electrical conductivity, but it’s better as a conductor of heat, IIRC. Plus I think it’s prettier.

    Had a friend in the corps who was rich, well, not a friend, but someone I knew well, he wasn’t one of the “one of us” guys. He would always precious metal his awards and buckles and blings on his uniform. My Blues ran me about 400 bucks, I think his ran about 2K, but he had the money, and he was an interesting guy. and yes it’s regulation as long as the appearance is proper.

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