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Advice for parents with university-seeking children

Posted by Viv on October 11, 2010

Sadly, I don’t think enough research is done on university policies by students or parents of students who are exploring which universities to attend. Naturally people will ask questions about academics and degree programs.  However there are some rather important questions that I advise parents add to their list of questions when doing campus visits with their children.

  1. Have you ever employed faculty (adjunct or otherwise) who have supported and/or participated in terrorist activities?
  2. Do you presently employ any faculty members who support seditious actions against the government and/or solicit funding for such activities?
  3. Would your university ever consider hiring someone who has written books dedicated to people who have assassinated political candidates for office?
  4. Do any of your faculty members teach students that the U.S. Criminal Justice System is an institute designed to perpetuate black oppression?

These are just a few.  I challenge you to think of others.


7 Responses to “Advice for parents with university-seeking children”

  1. Beth said

    I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a college that didn’t employ at least one of the above, especially #2 and/or #4. 😦

  2. Not a Parent, but honestly I really wouldn’t care. I’ve talked about stuff like this with a bunch of people, and generally the side I come up on “Will you learn how to make something, fix something, or make it easier to make or fix something.”

    It’s hard to corrupt the sciences, the real sciences, so If your kid is going to go in for a “studies” degree, I would suggest you don’t pay for it, make them, if your kid is going to become an engineer or tech or nurse, or a specialized management sort, (accountant, hotel blah blah blah management, but it should be specialized, even though the skills are actually quite broadly applied) Nurse, Doctor, and, I hate to admit, even lawyer then pay for it.

    Too often simply having a degree is considered an accomplishment as grand as climbing everest, and as ubiquitous peeing your name in the snow.

  3. Viv said

    I’m not a parent either but I am a student. I think it should be appalling that these people can be employed by a university — PERIOD. If I had a child and paid their way to the Northwestern University, even in a program that is related to the sciences, those assholes get my money. I say boycott any university that would even DARE to hire such fools.

    And of course, the entire post was tongue in cheek, but I’d give $50 to see the expression on the faces of the admissions staff if you asked them such questions – particularly at one of these universities.

  4. Yeah, what’s it called? “consent through complacence?” or something like that? Makes sense.

  5. btw viv, I’m not stomping you on purpose, it’s just that I tend to write my stuff in batches and change the time stamps just to keep the blog full, not to mention, with the extra participation I’m a little more motivated.

  6. Viv said

    WP, I don’t care how long my post stays at the top, so no worries. 😉

  7. thanks, just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t doing it on purpose. I used to find it irritating when gabe would do it to ace, or when ace would batch all his posts within a few minutes of eachother. Kinda killed the feel a bit.

    Just wanted to make sure that you knew that it was inadvertent. Example, I’ve got nothing today, and wish I had held off some of the timestamps. Blech.

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