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I stumbled on this

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 11, 2010

I was watching an interview with Ezra Levant, as I was led to by “samizdata” because I’m a bit of a space nerd, even though I’m afraid of heights.

But I stumbled across this part of his HRC conflict and how disgusting things in Canada and parts of the US can become if we don’t watch ourselves.    This is the first segment, there are 4, I suggest you watch them all if you care about liberty.

I will update sometimes as I get mad.

Like “an individual” (unnamed, a pure hypothetical) who MIGHT be exposed to hate and contempt.

Every girl I ever dated would be able to use that against me, for denying my amazing sexy body from them.

They HATED me and CONTEMPTED (is that a word?) me because I wouldn’t let them luxuriate in the grandeaur that was me.

For those ladies that didn’t file HRC suites?  YOUR WELCOME!

I’m not talking myself up, at least not much, I’m hung like a hamster.  Small, but FEISTY!,  I’ll run that wheel all day ladies.

(My mom will so hate me if she reads this.)

I made a couple of jokes, but Ezra Levant is a FASCINATING person!

Watch his interviews about shale oil, his interviews about HRC, and about Mark Steyn.  The effing guy is fascininating, with a strange smile, but I got yellow teeth so who am I to talk.


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