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I’m not a witch!

Posted by Beth on October 18, 2010

I’m you!

Okay, I’m not you.  Yeah yeah, I’m here.   Sorry for my laziness, mesablue, and thanks for the keys.  😀

I’ll post something of (questionable) substance later when I’m a little more loquacious and motivated.  I totally forgot how to write since the last time I actually wrote a post on my own (dead) blog.  I’m not even gonna link it because all you see are errors and I’m too lazy to fix that mess and I don’t care anyway (and let’s be honest, neither do you).  I only write in one or two-sentence bleats these days on Facebook (shut up) or occasionally on Twitter, when my bullshit tolerance is abnormally high.

So for now, while I slack off, please help find Missy.  (No, this isn’t some do-gooder project, just click the damn link – you’ll thank me.)

7 Responses to “I’m not a witch!”

  1. mesablue said


  2. The Missy thing was awesome. And glad to have you around doll.

  3. Beth said


    Sorry I’m so lazy. 😛

  4. Beth said

    I’ve played that witch video like 100 times tonight. LOL

  5. Viv said

    I can’t play that video a 100 times or it will be in my head for days. Besides, I’d rather play their version of Antoine Dodson singing “Hide your kids, hide your wife.”

    YAY for a post FINALLY from Beth! 😀

  6. *rubs eyes*

    Beth? Izzat You?

  7. Douglas said

    I was just reviewing some of the stuff, and I reread/watched this, and I thought to myself. “How Effing AWESOME! for some up and coming young congress candidate to hire these guys to autotune some speech for a district ad dump?”

    Can you imagine that? Get the Dodsen Viral going by getting the gregories to autotune one of your speeches on tax reform? Or to do neg’s on your opponent by auto-tuning their gaffs?

    I think I will predict that will happen sometime this campaign season.

    And like the first time I touched a naked breast in my mid 20’s, it will be glorious.

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