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Vince Vaughn, A Notorious Outspoken Political Hater!

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 18, 2010

WHAT!? good luck finding an interview with Vince about anything other than the movie he is promoting, but because he said you are thin skinned, you are getting thin skinned?

To paraphrase a common term among people who have actually lived a life in the real world, “Suck it up Nancy/Butch/Bruce/Rosey.”

ALL Jokes have a punchline and those punchlines are usually a person or a group.

Lets see the union of stupid whorish models protest Daniel Tosh,(watch all of them) or those who protest Lisa Rinna for manufactured lips? or really anyone with the LEAST bit of self awareness.


3/4’s of my jokes attack myself, and that is all cool.  OH!  We can only laugh at cookie the clown, but never at bozo?  Newsflash GLAAD!  You are BOZO, and MUCH less entertaining, and what would you think if Cookie killed himself?  Since it IS clear that both Cookie and Bozo were gay, so who do you blame?

Lesbians like Whoopi and “Joy” (if that isn’t a misnomer) can bitch all they want.  Comedy is fundamentally cruel, and even if it’s cruel against you, a well crafted joke is still funny.

Suck it up nancy/bruce/rosey/bieber, it’s how things are.  Reality is as it is.

Close out with one of my favorite bits, which ALSO insults people, though with a moral, OH! THEN It’s okay.

My favorite is the chair part, but in context, you bulldyke, hypergay idiots who want to ruin the fun for everyone are like the people Louis is talking about.


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