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Pudding and hobos!

Posted by Beth on October 22, 2010

I was going to pass this on to Ace, but fuckit, I have keys to this blog so we get it first.   If the other Morons wanna see it, they’re just going to have to link here.  😀

Hobos? NO HOBO!


Puddee puddee puddee puddee giga puddee


Sorry, I’m outta Valu-Rite, I had to drink it to have an empty (!) bottle with which to beat the hobos.  *shrugs*


* Bonus!  Hippie-punching! *  (she’s gonna kill me if she sees I’m posting on a blog and didn’t stop to say hi first!)

11 Responses to “Pudding and hobos!”

  1. I haven’t even clicked her in about 2 years.


  2. Beth said

    I haven’t clicked ANY blogs other than Ace’s and this one in about two years! :/

  3. You kept up with us even during the dead space beth?


    group hug? I think we need a group hug.

  4. Beth said

    I love ya, man *hic*

  5. Beth said

    I love the Giga Puddee video, it makes me want to adopt like ten Japanese babies. They’re so damn cute! 😀

  6. Viv said

    If I have to dip the girls for each GOP victory which fires Nancy, I’m going to need a bucket-sized giga-pudding. (No, WP, I am not going to do that on web cam. Heh)

  7. Beth said


  8. CURSES!

  9. mail me a thumbdrive with video?

  10. mesablue said

    Yeah, so this is what I envisioned when I decided to crank this place back up…

    Heh, love you all.

    All pudding, all the time.

  11. If you stream it, I think we should set up a paypal fund so you have.

    Two hundred, and forty dollars. Awwwwww Yeah, Worth a puddin.

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