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Gawker, cesspool of the internet, flings poo at Christine O’Donnell

Posted by Beth on October 28, 2010

NOW I’m pissed (okay, this isn’t really new, but I’m extra pissed right now).

Gawker has just flung this despicable steaming pile of shit at Christine O’Donnell – an anonymous, paid coward saying he had a one-night stand with her.

Three years ago this week, an intoxicated Christine O’Donnell showed up at the apartment of a 25-year-old Philadelphian and ended up spending the night in his bed. Here’s his story—and photos—of his escapade with the would-be Delaware senator.


Okay, so Christine O’Donnell is not God’s gift to the GOP. But this is absolutely the worst load of bullshit I have ever seen thrown at someone in a political campaign. Absolutely VILE, and reeking of bottom-feeding desperation, which is even more vile considering Christine O’Donnell is almost certainly going to lose anyway!

Worse, the accuser is anonymous (and misidentified in the comments, if you follow the links), and was paid for the story.   Furthermore, these “photos” never show him at all and don’t do anything whatsoever to corroborate his lie; they’re totally irrelevant.  He could have gotten pics of her sitting in church and said he picked her up at church for a one-night stand, and it would have the exact same relevance – as in, ZERO.  To nobody’s surprise (nobody with a brain, that is), there are no photos of any “escapade” at all.

And you know what? I’m about sick and fucking tired of stupid libs saying COD is anti-masturbation and campaigning on a pro-celibacy platform, ffs! She has said repeatedly that when she was younger that WAS true, but that was years ago when she “was a new Christian.”

I hate having to defend her against trash, but I am sick and fucking tired of STUPID LIBS lying or just being fucking stupid, and this disgusting Gawker shit is indefensible and totally out of line.  If this kind of bullshit becomes the new normal and is considered acceptable, America as we know it is dead; we will have nobody worth nominating running for office ever again.

I fucking despise Gawker even more than the Daily Kos, it’s the sleaziest left-wing hipster starfucking sleazy cesspool, ever. It makes traditional tabloid journalism (Enquirer, Star, etc.) look like the fucking Wall Street Journal.  FUCK GAWKER and their filthy bullshit.

I hope she sues those fucking pigs and has everyone from Remy Stern on down selling pencils on park benches for their next meals for the next few years.


UPDATE:  Even the consistently inconsistent NOW has issued a statement condemning this filth:

Today the tabloid website Gawker published an anonymous piece titled “I Had A One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” that takes the routine sexual degradation of women candidates to a disgusting new low. NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece. It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere.

It should be noted that they couldn’t defend her without shilling for Chris Coons, of course, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.  Still, it would be nice to just once see them issue an unqualified condemnation of such trash; you would think this would be the perfect opportunity for them to do so, especially as she is probably not going to win anyway.  *sigh*


**LAST update: I posted the stuff above when I was so pissed I couldn’t really write, just spit.  This says what needs to be said much more coherently; she nails it, as far as I’m concerned.  Additional righteousness in the comments there, too.  (Yes, at a lefty feminist blog.)  I’m pleased to see that Gawker’s abhorrent hit has been met with near-universal condemnation from the right AND the left.

Also, Viv’s comment “on a funny note” here wins.


17 Responses to “Gawker, cesspool of the internet, flings poo at Christine O’Donnell”

  1. pajama momma said

    Makes me sick. For the last two years, my blood pressure has been up and my blood has been boiling. I hope to God the Dems can’t cheat enough to change the election to their favor.

  2. scotty said

    iam in total agreement with you. what we need is a law or amendment saying you can say anything you want in a political ad as long as you do not say one thing about your opponent only what you will do and what you have done

  3. APOSEC72 said

    i just hope the mrgins of victory are big enough Tuesday to offset any tries of dem cheating.

  4. 2 women called whores, by 3 different people, 2 women accused of one night stands, one woman called a bitch 3 times, anymore I’m missing?

    I didn’t include 3 women called crazy by way too many on the left, because that is automatic.

  5. Oh, left out A mother of 28 children accused of not caring about children.

  6. Viv said

    The left, the party that claims to be defenders of women being treated as equal, applies double-standards all the time about what’s acceptable in the demeaning of women.

    On a funny note, when I read that Gawker article and saw the anonymous guy say he lost interest because she had some carpet on the floor, I cracked up. I have never once heard of a man who would turn down a piece of ass because she wasn’t shaved/waxed. Sounds more like he has ED and made excuses. LOL

  7. Beth said

    That shit with the guy who declared her unfuckable (and inexperienced! WTF?) due to insufficient waxing got a righteous smackin’ down by this feminist blogger AND by the commenters:
    Game, Set, Match.

  8. Beth said

    I should say, “obviously” (his word) unfuckable. Obviously. (Really? LOL)

  9. I’d hit it.

  10. As a side, didn’t whatsercrazy face, the chick behind “The Vagina Monologues,” tell a story about how she became angered with a boyfriend who wanted her to shave her triangle? Even Ensler right? Will there be gawker features about eve’s unschorn mons venus/pubis? After all, she actually IS in show business.

  11. Beth said

    At Gawker? Probably, and they’ll probably all sit around talking about how unfuckable she is, too, because she’s not a porn star (a digitally and surgically enhanced one, at that – a real woman is just too icky to them).

  12. Stepperg said

    These people have no shame, never have, never will.

  13. Stepperg said

    As a side note I wonder about men who are obsessed with the bikini waxing thingie. Makes me wonder if they’re really looking for little girls.

    Just sayin’.

  14. Beth said

    Actually a lot of people said essentially the same thing in the comments at Shakesville. And really, a dude who totally “loses interest” unless it’s totally waxed? Yeah, I’d say he has issues.

  15. I doubt if that is at all true, it was just his way of saying she was a filthy whore. He was saying that in a bikini she has dreadlock level pubes sticking out from between her rotten rotten carp smelling something.

    The line is a lot more offensive than his arrogance about his demands for a smoothie, it is an implicit implication that the cute chubby chick (well thick, because she IS a little soft)doesn’t know how to wash her crotch, or do basic yard maintenance. I don’t care if it’s true, which I think is as likely as Obama being able to reasonably discuss newtonian let alone relativistic physics, but no matter the facts, of which there are none offered, he’s a lowlife scumbag and as one commenter said (that I read at the village voice piece) “He needs to rush home so he can get his ass kicked.” or something like that.

    The man is truly a deviant and deserves absolutely no respect, if he has any contact with customers, he needs to find a new job, maybe harlequinn fiction writer, but I’m not sure he has the chops to keep up with the best selling “80 year old kitten woman number 4” who is one of their better selling authors.

  16. Note to ladies? I love you all.

    But only if you have gigundous juggs with dinner plate nipples.

    (that is of course a joke.) You can ask friends of ours about how I am in life.

    I’m nice, and I would hit all of them, if their husbands didn’t tend to be as big, if not bigger than me, and that they were married.

    Marriage tends to be a turn off for me. It’s like having a hairy bush, only I would tag a hair bush, somewhat eagerly, as long as there wasn’t a boyfriend or husband in the picture, hell, not even if someone I knew was crushing. Sorry girls, you are stuck with your loving and caring and attentive guys.

    Not MY DEAD SEXY ASS, with a list of demands and insults. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

    (This guy is a piece of shit, he’s lucky he’s a lawyer and not a Marine, or any other branch of service.)

  17. Beth said

    WP, you don’t know lists of demands and insults until you’ve met me in real life. 😉

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