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DADT and Sodomy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 6, 2010

R.C. Marsh, over at American Thinker, has this thing about DADT and includes something about the sodomy provision.  First, I want to ask, does fellatio and cunnilingus considered “Sodomy?”  If so, find someone in a happy relationship that hasn’t consisted of either delivering or receiving one of those, just saying, so no problem with that part.  Not to mention, there are some of those a little more experimental who engage in the more common definition without once being gay.  Just saying.

As for DADT, My curiosity is, why is the legislature doing anything other than the declaration of war as it applies to the military?  Isn’t it the express constitutional responsibility of the executive to handle the way in which the military is handled?  The congress can oversee the executive, but not the military directly.  Isn’t that correct?

Also, repeal of DADT automatically defaults to previous policy which would definitely reinstate actual “witch hunts,” since the status quo prior to DADT was to screen for homosexuality.  How is repeal DADT a good thing for gays, and why did it take a congressional passage to employ DADT to begin with?

Disclosure:  I know it’s a shocker, but at one time I served in the armed forces, and I knew gay servicemembers.  I didn’t give a damn, and I think most don’t, my concern has nothing to do with gays, everything with process.  Micromanaging jerkwads.

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Great Effing Interview

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 6, 2010

My favorite, is that the interpreter is not just translating the words, but the attitude.


Watch, “chilean elvis” be interviewed by, Dave, “The easily hateable” Letterman.

via: Agent Bedhead (who once had open blog access to Aces IIRC)

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