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I’m torn about this.

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 11, 2010

Over at our old home, Gabe points out these ballots.  Gabe basically says he doesn’t like the polling gaming of the legal interpretations, and I agree, but at the same time, something that is counter to the express language of the election law was required by the Alaska supreme court to say that these people had to be given access to a list of write-ins.

First, how stupid do you have to be to not transcribe a name that is spelled out for you RIGHT EFFING THERE!?  (though I’ve done something like it a number of times, but I was drunk, check the detroit thread, where I completely invert the definition of gentrification even though I had the definition right in front of me.)  Also, If you look at too many of the ballots, who thinks it makes sense to write in cursive on an official document?  I NEVER do that, other than for a signature.

The thing that has me torn, is that I’m wondering how many alaskan “morons” there are, who might have read a bunch of posts, thought miller was a safe bet, and then decided to be sarcastic jackholes on election day, like Ace and Allah’s friend who voted for Allah Pundit, as a write in?  After all, the jokes about “queen liza Mukaziewski” were pretty rampant.

When culture, granted, a rather small one, has a proveable sarcastic bent, how can you interpret intent?  I think miller is valid on that.

But, I really don’t know, that’s a LOT of write in ballots.  I hope Miller wins, but would prefer that he won clean, not with a frankenesque manipulation of the system.

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