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Joker Punks a Joke.

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 15, 2010

A lot of people are passing this around, so I don’t know who to give the H/T too, so just click the entire blog roll.

What I think about the Keith Olbermann thing, I mentioned earlier.  He’s a Joke, and should be fired, but not for the contributions, he should be fired because he’s a joker and a bully to people he ostensibly calls colleagues, and to more than half of the population of the nation he is trying to court.  He should also be fired for lying, for disobedience, for inflammatory unprofessional behaviour, for being a parasite on the moral of an entire station, for insulting every last person that doesn’t grant him the subservience he demands, but not for the contributions.

While reading that article, I actually found this line interesting.

Even those who admired Olbermann’s broadcasting skills felt that his behavior, such as making his staff leave notes outside his door rather than speaking to him, had gone too far.

First who admires his broadcasting skills other than Griffin and the people who owe their jobs to him, thanks to Griffin?

“Leaving notes outside his door.” is interesting.  A chain of command is necessary, it’s not like MSNBC is as microscopic as their ratings, so suggestions, idea’s, complaints and so on need to be handled in an orderly manner, but, Notes outside his door?

Also, I’m confident this was reported before the recession, what hardworking (I believe that the employee’s of MSNBC are hardworking) educated (I believe most of them are quite well educated) self respecting (seriously have my doubts after reading that quote) would put up with the blatant indifference keith clearly offers his “colleagues” and staffers?  Is it because having worked for MSNBC in the Olbermann Era is the equivalent of having been a member of the John Birch Society in University, where if you were, don’t even bother trying to get a federal judicial position?

That quote really left me kinda gobsmacked.  Especially reading the rest of the article and seeing just how weak the management was in caving to Olbermann.  Really a disgrace all around.

3 Responses to “Joker Punks a Joke.”

  1. Guess they got a “tingle?” Huh?

  2. Everything I’ve read about the background of MSNBC either has to be Lies or exaggerated, based on what I’ve read. Either that, or they must be slavish idealogues. I would like to read some of their non-disclosures.

    It’s strange.

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