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This Makes me think of “Icon”

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 16, 2010

In the Book by Frederick Forsyth (well known spy/action, but mostly spy stuff, thriller writer) “Icon.” There is a line that is uttered in the omniscient about computers by agent Monk. “Then, all of the most valuable and protected information in the world was given over to the most insecure technology in the world,” or something like that. That line was delivered to describe how angry Monk was becoming with the new leadership of the CIA after the dismissal, or was it retirement, of secretary Casey, and he was talking about computers.

The point was to say that even if it takes a little extra work for YOU, who knows that the info is right there to get the info, it will make it even harder for THEM, who doesn’t know where the information is, or should not even know, and has no right to that info, to get at. Which is a good thing, when you are talking about intelligence security. Monk, in the book, deliberately hid his files of 4 valuable spies, and eventually his files were no longer under his control, which helped trigger a conflict that requires his efforts later in life after he jacks up his former bosses(a truly satisfying series of paragraphs, I suggest you read the book, it’s pretty good.)

The reason I say that, is because of this.  It doesn’t say the nature of the risk that they exposed others to do, but it goes to show that good old fashioned hard-copy has it’s value no matter how many presentations Steve Jobs gives.

There should be absolutely NO classified material available to any system connected to a network.

In another series of books, called “Shadowrun,” based on a game that took place in the near future (2015 and after) , yes  used to play and read it, there was a classification called “excalibur.”  Where all systems holding truly valuable data (by hackers/deckers) weren’t even piped into common power, they would always contain their own power generation separate of all other systems and no connections to the Matrix/internet.

If a bunch of dorks in the early nineties, actually late 80’s if you include the seminal “neuromancer,” which I do, can realize the risk of allowing valuable information to be accessible over open networks, they why the flying eff couldn’t our intellectual and political betters?

15% of the WORLDS online data routed through China?

Tom Friedman is smiling maybe, but I sure as hell ain’t, nor should anyone else.

Via DailyMail, Don Surber is AWESOME!

UPDATE: I just edited a bunch of bad punctuation, and incorrect spelling.  Spell check makes me dumber than I already am.  Sure there is still flaws, but it was really bad before this update.

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Press, Arrogance, and Priveledge.

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 16, 2010

Obama was in Ozzy and made this statement.

“I knew it must have been an Australian because my folks never say thank you,” Obama said.

I think it was meant as a joke.  Unless I see video of him being petulant, I think he was just making a joke.  A lame and self serving, and completely unaware one, because the US press corps is like monica lewinsy after their first sample of a cuban cigar.  They are VERY thankful, they just don’t use words, while still expressing it with their mouths, there just isn’t any talking.

What gets my grits is this, in the commentary part of MRC/NB’s post.

At first glance, Obama’s comment reeks of arrogance. He seems to think that press access is a privilege, not a right, and that he is under no obligation to even speak to reporters.

Well, It IS arrogant, the US press are Obama’s bitches, and he knows it, why should he lie about something that is clearly true?

But the other arrogant people, are those who believe that press access is a “right.”  It’s not, it’s a privilege offered to the press to maintain constant communication to the masses, for the individuals advantage.  I would have LOVED! LOVED LOVED! Bush, in the middle of one of Thomas’s tirades turn to ari and say “yank her press credentials.”  I know if I were the executive I would have.

The Press is an enterprise, if it wasn’t I DEMAND that they donate all their profits to NPR. If it’s not a profit based enterprise, then donate all the profits to NPR.  Reduce the income of your SEVERAL 6 figure employees who are “serving” the nation.

The Press (as in an opportunity to say as you please) is a right, not access.  Access IS a privilege, not a right, and smug arrogant self centered people, including those on our side, need to realize, that all people may speak, and others may record them openly, that is different, but being invited, and accepted is not a right.

There is a “right to privacy” in a situation that involves 3 people, but only ONE of them has the right, the other two have no access, (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you don’t know much about cultural conservatism) but the press has a RIGHT to access?

What a stupid statement, and in line with the idea of elitist attitude.  MRC/NB should apologize for that wording.

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