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“Surely Leslie Nielsen Didn’t Pass Away?”

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 29, 2010

Yes he did, and don’t call me shirley.

He passed away Sunday in the early evening, reports are that it was peaceful, other than the whole dying thing.

Also, according to IMDB, he has 239 credits to his name.  2 Hundred, and Thirty, effing, Nine!

Don’t know if it will make me look at the movies sawadder, or glawadder.  He left a pretty healthy legacy.

An American Icon in comedy, which is a small part, he was shakespearian, but also he was in one of the most well known classic science fiction films of all time, “Forbidden Planet.”

(the vid is kinda long)

And someone already put up vid in memoriam.

A micro-filmography



Of course

and Naked Gun.

He was a good actor, and he delivered his characters brilliantly.

He had impact over a number of genre’s over a lot of experience, and a lot of talent.

Rest well Bigguy.

He affected a portion of my sense of humor, and I don’t think Airplane or Naked Gun would have been able to deliver as well as they did if Leslie wasn’t a part of it.

You will be missed.

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