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McCaskill accuses Republicans of dismissing Tea Partiers

Posted by Viv on December 6, 2010

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) dressed down Republicans for insisting on keeping the current tax rates on those who make a million dollars or more a year. In her statements (video here) along with other fellow Democrats, she used class warfare techniques to create strife between the Republicans and those who identify themselves as Tea Partiers.

Sen. Claire McCaskill wants to know if the tea party is listening to Republicans, and vice versa.

Amid the posturing and hard bargaining in Washington over extending tax cuts, McCaskill, D-Mo., said this afternoon that if Republicans sacrifice the middle class in order to protect the wealthy “it really is time for people in America to take up pitchforks.”

“And all those people out there in the tea party that are angry about the economics of Washington, they really need to look at this. When you pull back the curtain (you) realize that you’ve got a Republican Party that’s not worried about the people in the tea party,” she said.

“They’re worried about the people who can’t decide which home to go to over the Christmas holidays. They’re worried about the people who might take a jaunt to Europe for the new year. They’re not worried about those people who are packing those town halls, because those folks are the middle class,” she said.

Here are a few questions for Senator McCaskill.

  • What polling has she done that states that those who associate with the Tea Party groups, are in favor of raising taxes on those who make $250K or more a year?
  • When did she side with and defend the Tea Party members and their views during the health care forums and town hall meetings?
  • Does she think the Tea Party people aren’t capable of deciding whether or not the Republicans are with them or against them?
  • Did she admonish the media and colleagues for calling the middle class audience at these forums “tea baggers”?
  • When did millionaire become a bad word? And how many millionaires did she take campaign donations from?

Perhaps she should refresh her memory on what she said about the Tea Party protests and questions at her town hall meetings. I doubt Tea Partiers need a lecture on how to hold the feet of an elected official to the fire. A few searches on YouTube demonstrate that she isn’t so tolerant of the Tea Party views but she sure got her ear full of them.

McCaskill was told she couldn’t be trusted by the audience.
McCaskill will listen to Tea Party members in her audience but would rather reach out to people who haven’t already made up their mind about health care reform. She thinks Tea Party members don’t listen.
Senator McCaskill sends representatives to listen to Tea Party concerns instead of listening to them herself.

Look out. McCaskill has a Republican opponent, Sarah Steelman, in 2012. I’m sure Steelman and her Missouri supporters will be happy to dismiss McCaskill.

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