Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

The Presidential Handoff Thing

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 11, 2010

Other than the strangeness of it, I’m not gonna try to break anything down, but I found Neo-Neocon doing a bit of analysis that has an interesting take.

In addition to the previously-mentioned messages, it conveys an inappropriately arrogant disregard for the public that he attempts to clothe in casualness, and is an indication that he simply doesn’t know what appropriate behavior is, or doesn’t care.”

I didn’t think of it that way, but it makes sense.  This is a guy who’s supposed to present leadership, and part of that leadership is to offer your followers the right visuals to maintain morale and faith.  And He did fail in that with that imagery.

Of course, I doubt anyone reading here expected anything much from the guy anyways, but the insouciant walk off when he got bored definitely shows that he doesn’t have the same amount of courtesy for the American people as a gradeschool teacher.

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