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200 million buck heiress and maybe 3 thoughts rubing together.

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 16, 2010

Meghan McCain, she the queen of true conservatism, wrote this piece of crap, and apparently got paid for it.

It opens in first paragraph,

I was one of the people on Time’s panel to nominate and argue over who was most deserving of the title. My two choices were the Tea Party and Mark Zuckerberg. The Time panel consisted of myself, Joe Trippi, Google’s Marissa Miller (who petitioned hard for Steve Jobs to be considered for Person of the Year), Wyclef Jean, and the executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement Daisy Khan.

So right there, 1/5 of the article is about how important she was with the other brilliant minds that chose the person of the year.  Lets go through the List.

Meghan = Accomplished nothing.

Joe Trippi = failed election effort as campaign adviser for Howard Dean.

The non partisan google participant.  (that is half hearted sarcasm, since I don’t know Millers politics.)

Wycleaf Jean who was supposedly having an affair with a woman who would rather have her baby starve than let it be cared for by white people.

Steve Jobbs, who is an EXCELLENT exec, but a lot of it is because he’s a Tyrant, watch the Docu on NeXT computers.  He made arbitrary demands and everyone tells him it’s impossible, but he demands it while lying to investors.

and. . .


Meghan made a point of including DAISY EFFING KHAN! in the list.  Does this woman understand anything?  Daisy Effing KHAN!?  The wife of the guy who thinks that opposition to the ground Zero Mosque is racist?  The woman who said that Islam is MORE for womens freedom than the west?  THAT Daisy Effing Khan?

Maybe if Meghan owned one of those things that Steve Jobs friend Steve Wozniak designed, Steve Jobs sold, Mark Zuckerberg capitalized on for his person of the year award, Trippi used to increase fundraising for Howard Dean Meghan might have realized how superficial and vacant her friggen “Collumn” was.

In fact, If Meghan had gotten on one of those new fangled things Steve Jobs helped popularize, and visited the location of Marissa Millers millions (google, but I suggest everyone use bing, google is fascist.) she might have found out about Daisy Khan, OR!  Looked up the definition of “Poignant.”

Only definition that MIGHT apply is:

2. sharply perceptive: particularly penetrating and effective or relevant ( literary )

Which I don’t think applies.  To be sharply perceptive, you have to be at the leading edge, Facebook has been a force for YEARS, it’s not new, not this year, but maybe it’s just meghans misfortune that she only learned about it this year after watching the movie.

I also enjoy this Jewel of rhetorical genius.

Mark Zuckerberg has become the first true millenial rockstar, and he is ushering in a completely new era.

Go to the “collumn” for a pick of the “rockstar,” and watch the movie, read interviews about what a pleasant and engaging guy the freckled ginger is.  Thanks Maggy, you paint word pictures with the skill and realism of salvadore dali having a seizer at the end of a coke binge.  (don’t worry Maggy, you can look all of those things up on Wikipedia, Maybe you can vote for wikipedia next year, you rockstar.)

Here she uses one of the most INFURIATING rhetorical devices I see self absorbed, pompous privileged pieces of crap use.

He transcends all of these people and, dare I say, even countries because all of these subjects are more than likely to be read about, discussed, and debated via users on—where else?—Facebook.

How BOLD!  You DARE to Say that!   The Courage, the insight, the value, the willingness to protect principles.  I cannot Believed that you Dare said that maggy.  It’s almost as though you were writing about yourself and not about the (supposed) subject of the article.  I mean, I wouldn’t know a GODDAMN THING about Zuckerberg If it wasn’t for your DARING to say that.  Hell, I never would have known what Apple, Google, Facebook, The Ground Zero Victory Mosque, how democrats manipulate online donations to give false impressions of small contributions, or the fugee’s were, If not for your daring do!

Thank You great noble semi-literate trust fund idiot for your grand insight.

Great job, while you are at it, who do you recommend for pres in 2012?  Just so that I can study up and school all those fools (called the entire populace) who laugh at you, those filthy blue-bloods.

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