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DADT Repealed

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 19, 2010

The net effect? Not a damn thing. It was a stupid piece of legislation now that accomplished nothing other than creating a lightning rod. With it’s repeal not a damn thing changed, It’s just that congress is out of the way, and IN FACT allows the military to be MORE discriminatory if they chose.

People forget, DADT was actually a legislative stop gap AGAINST anti-gay policy practice in the military. Personally I don’t think DADT was constitutional Don’t see how it’s at all appropriate in the first place, but with it’s repeal people can feel good, until they realize that DADT’s repeal actually opens the door to REAL witch hunts.

But la la lalalalala live for today idiots.

Most insignificant legislative “victory” for the left ever. I think the ‘pub’s who supported the repeal are of my thinking knowing good and goddamn well that the repeal actually gives MORE authority to the military hierarchy, and not less.

Update: I always try avoid legal statements, cuz I’m not a lawyer, I let that one slip out, but being an idiot is something I do sometimes, just adjusted the statement with a del

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