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Charlie Brown Christmas

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 25, 2010

I wouldn’t have included this, cuz the moronogod and his acolytes tend to put this up every year, as do others, but I just noticed something.

Watch the blanket,  If you ever watched the various charlie brown shows and remember them, Watch the Blanket.

It JUST registered with me, that linus released his blanket, and I started going all analytical on it.  Linus, IN ALL THE SHOWS I’VE SEEN, NEVER let go of his blanket, but when he is talking about his savior, he finds enough comfort to release his blanket.

I don’t think I’m misinterpreting that because there is a somewhat prolonged portion of the vid, where he deliberately leans over, and picks up his security blanket, and then sticks his thumb in his mouth.

He is only as secure as he is with his blanket when he is remembering His Christ, and the birth of HIM.  Also notice EXACTLY when he releases the blanket.  He no longer needs the comfort AS SOON as he is describing the christs birth.  Again, I don’t think it’s coincidence, I think it was deliberate imagery.  I don’t look at things through a religious tint, but since this has a religious tint, It tickled at me, and I saw the imagery.

Am I seeing things that aren’t there?  as I said, I don’t remember, EVER Linus releasing his blanket. That is the only example I can think of.  I wasn’t a FAN, but I always watched charlie brown when it was on, but I’m fairly sure that is the only time he let go of that blanket.


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