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FDA Policy “Write a Shorter Bucket List.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 30, 2010

This Christmas, The Bucket List, was playing on TNT, and my brother bought it for my mother on Blue Ray.  It’s a great movie, if you haven’t seen it, do so, but do it around a chick so they can see how sensitive you are.

The FDA basically dumped Avastin from approved drugs based upon arbitrary rules.  This is floating around with the DeathPanel statement.  I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of accomplishments, but if I could get an extra few months to visit and join with my loved ones, and make what small preparations are necessary without being incapacitated with illness?  I’ll FUCKING DO IT!

I’ll Sell everything I own, I will mortgage ever piece of value I maintain, I do NOT want to leave this world without letting everyone I love know that I love them, and know that my passing would be as streamlined as possible to minimize any additional conflict with others.  Who the FUCK! is the FDA, some BUREAUCRAT! to tell me what I can do with what is left of my soon to be carcass.  One that I would like to maintain just long enough to make preparations in such a way that minimizes the damage to my family and friends?  Or!  MAYBE! Hold onto just long enough for there to be a cure?

Dissolve the regulatory arm of the FDA, they should just be a research arm of the government.  “We don’t recommend avastin, but we can’t outlaw it.”  That alone is bad enough, but a whole hell of a lot better than this Bullshit!

(I’ve been avoiding foul language but sometimes, you get pizzed, it just happens.)

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