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If you like catty Movie Critics

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 30, 2010

This is actually kinda fun to read, but like all criticisms, it’s like all of the blogs you ever read. Some facts, but mostly the opinion of the self righteous jackhole doing the typing.

But he included this quote.

STEVE MARTIN: He seems fundamentally averse to acting.

Granted, he most focuses on comedy, but did the writer ever see “A Simple Twist of Fate?” There is lightheartedness in that movie, but it’s mostly passion, and he didn’t just do a phenomenal job of his acting in that movie, he was also the chief writer (I think he has a screenplay credit, meaning he wrote the movie in general.) and it’s a great movie, and a great performance.

Not saying that Steve Martin isn’t seemingly more comfortable in his LA satirical rolls in comedy, but “A Simple Twist of Fate” is a VERY VERY good movie.

The Critic isn’t all catty, just mostly, and sometimes even manages to hedge his bets, so that it’s neither pounding or praise, but the article focuses on the negative.


One Response to “If you like catty Movie Critics”

  1. mropine said

    I like your style of writing quite a lot. If you can be bothered, go to my blog I started yesterday, first post is about The Stupid Things People Say.

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