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What is it about incomplete victories?

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 30, 2010

That makes some people overreach?

Some are calling for a complete defunding of obamacare, That is a bad idea.

Krauthammer is right.

That opinion by krauthammer isn’t him being a RINO, it is perfectly logical, and not in a cynical way.  He is suggesting that the House (1/2 of one branch of government) defund Obamacare, which is still law, just not payed for, which is constitutionally allowed, but ask yourselves.

If the ‘pubs ran the presidency, and the senate, and the house defunded the iraq war, what would we be saying?  We would be saying “1/2 of one branch of government has held an entire country hostage (we would have been talking about Iraq) to the Jihadi’s.”  Don’t say we wouldn’t, cuz I know damn well I would have.  There are other ways to change the status, more honorable less weasely ways.

Example: we can repeal obamacare, we fail?  Then we fight in the courts, cuz we aren’t gonna get jack from the executive.  That is an honest process.

Example: the “first gulf war” was a war from when it was declared, I forget, until early mid november of 1995, ask me how I know?  Because I was the last graduating class of the Marine Corps to have an ND, I didn’t earn it.  The congress was just too scared to stop calling it a war.

Example:  and I think this is the big one.  Did we stop allying ourselves with South Vietnam in foreign policy?  Nope we didn’t.  The Dems end arounded everyone, the president, and the people by defunding all assistance to our IN FACT ALLY in south vietnam, but the pres got the blame.  We should not forgive them their actions and we should not forgive their tactics by doing exactly what they did to all of us.

You take a stand?  Especially a losing one?  You take a LOUD one.  Though it’s a constitutional rule, It’s an underhanded technique.  The Congress hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years, but our priority will be to defund a still argued entitlement? That also, won’t take effect until next (aught 12 (I’m not letting go of the aughts) anyways?) year?

Krauthammer is right, pass repeal in the house, don’t defund, fight on budget, pass repeal, and then investigate obamacare as part of the budget.  He’s right, and getting on his crap as a cynical political strategist or a rino is wrong.

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