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I have one prediction for 2011

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 2, 2011

Ann Coulter will turn 50 years old before the end of the year.

Wait WHAT!?  The Hot Skinny, somewhat busty, long legged curmudgeonly blonde, is ACTUALLY old enough to be a Curmudgeon?

A lot of young conservatives are thinking to themselves “Wait!  I wanted to hit that?  She’s old!!  Oh, wait, I still wanna hit that.”

Effing 50!  I knew she was older than she looked, but I was guessing low 40’s.

I mean, anthropologists deal with people who are younger than 50.  I know I watch “Bones.”

She looks pretty damn good.

3 Responses to “I have one prediction for 2011”

  1. iopineit said



  2. iopineit said

    Funny post, too.

  3. believe it or not Iopineit, actually took me about 3 days to come up with that weak effort. I don’t know how it happened, I read her bio, and literally had to scroll back a couple times, and was startled that she’s gonna be 50. After that, it took me 3 days to come up with a headline and a stupid pop culture or sci-fi reference.

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