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Random Thing

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 3, 2011

Anyone seen the movie “Edge of Darkness?”

I just did shortly before christmas, but I didn’t want to toss out a pop culture and politics thing.  Mel Gibson plays a Boston cop out for justice, for his daughters murder.

The story turns conspiratorial, and includes a dupe/corrupt senator.

During an interview, on television, the chyron (did I spell that right) on a tv interview show depicted the dupe/corrupt senator who was complicit in his daughters murder was a republican.

The Movie was released on January 29th of 2010 Which mean actual filming probably went back to 2008.

Which Republican Senator, from Massachusetts was there prior to that? Scott Brown was elected only about a week before the movie came out.  Prior to Scott Brown, there hadn’t been a Republican representing Massachusetts in the Senate since 1972.

It’s a seemingly small thing, but it proves the argument that Hollywood will go to any lengths to paint republicans as the bad guys.  Toss in the fact, that the guy who played the senator was doing a PERFECT John Kerry impersonation.


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