Absolute Moral Authority

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Feel Good Story of 2010

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 5, 2011

This guy, is either great with the grift or a genuinely nice guy dedicated to turning his life around. I know it’s already been all over the net, but I don’t know if you watched all of the interviews. Click through the pages at the bottom of the link to see the interviews.

In the last tab, you hear him being offered a spot doing voiceovers for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  So it seems that Cleveland lost one homegrown talent to another market thanks to a level of smuggness, and picked up an import from Bedford/Stuyvesant in exchange that is truly inspirational (minus the drugs and alcohol thing, but he got over it, so I guess that’s good too.)

And like I said, watch the interviews, the guy is either a master manipulator, or the genuine article.


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