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Racist Rhetoric

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 11, 2011

Allen West is pointing out the absurdity of blaming rhetorical methods for the Arizona Shooting.

This is the opening line of this article Titled, “Rep. Allen West decries ‘opportunism’ in wake of Arizona shooting; has no plans to change rhetoric.”

Not a bad title actually, but here is the first line.

“U.S. Rep Allen West, R-Plantation.”

Clearly Colonel West needs to tone down his rhetoric.  It might make people think him hateful, unlike the measured opening line in that article.

via weaselzippers.

This whole thing is dusgusting, there is some good news for Giffords, and a few others, but in all, there are still people who need to be mourned and buried.  Sick canibalistic pricks.

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