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Did I Ever post this?

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 20, 2011

This was my favorite japenese song.  I didn’t get caught up in the culture while I lived there.  There were a lot of puffy ami yumi guys that I just didn’t get.  DUDES  You are Marine, Puffy ami yumi?  Are you EFFING KIDDING ME?

but you have to absorb some of the culture, especially if you lived off base like I basically did. there are other songs, but I always liked this one.

Maybe it’s fusion with english, I don’t know, but I love the tempo and the form.  I can only translate 1/5 of it and probably poorly, likely poorly, VERY likely poorly, but it’s a fun song to listen to.  On the pop side with a little rock.

[jst listened, I could translate maybe 1/10 of it.  (I’m so out of practice)]


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