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I’m Torn

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 27, 2011

Pence is juggling between governor and president.

I LIKE pence but it’s necessary to know that he’s from a small conservative district. Is he charismatic? Yeah, is he a good speech giver? HELL YEAH, is he a good voice for fiscal hawkishness? AMERICA EFF YEAH!!!

Daniels Has actual Executive experience, Danies is a real leader (the internal conflicts in terms of the national stage are minimized because, well, it’s indiana, We Oh garsh ourselves while we eat your lunches and you never notice.)
Give me daniel’s over Pence, and pence as governor. Daniels is EXACTLY what we need in the executive, and Pence is young enough to join at a later time. Daniels as president, an aged “experienced” senetor for first term, then a dismissal so they can spend more time with their family, Pence as chief of staff, maybe, though he’s better as governor, and then door open for pence after executive experiences.

“why indiana twice?” “why texas twice?” “Why camelot, WTF IS THAT You know Camelot isn’t even an AMERICAN CONCEPT!?”

Indiana, ALONE can feed the entire nation twice over, AND has a ballanced budget. There are worse foundations for leadership, like our current leadership.

Push Mitch for the top spot, Push Mike for the gub’s, and get rid of the TAINT that is the hyperliberal over regulatory libs in indiana. We will Feed you, we will manage you, and we will govern reasonably. All Indy, 2012.

[update] Yes I’m from Indiana.

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Random thing

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 27, 2011

This is just a random thing so no links.

Obama said that he would make a pretty good chief of staff.

Well, Jackhole?  YOU ARE the Chief of Staff?  are you that retarded about your constitutional responsibilities? or is everything a hypothetical with you, you idiot?  Hey I bet you would be a great chief of staff, I bet you would be great at all of the other jobs you have given to your cronies.  You are AWESOME!

I Support Obama, as chief of staff, and all other positions, lets eliminate all cabinet and non cabinet positions and save the nation more than 300 a year.

You know who would make a GREAT 1 term failed President?  Obama can!  WHATCH OUT JIMMAH!  You got competition.

What an idiot.

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To think the editor makes more many than his subject

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 27, 2011

In This Story. I think the homeless guy has a greater sense of self respect than most “celebrity” reporters.

How those guys make it a week without swallowing a bullet is beyond me.  Give me a comfy shrub and 4 flannels over their crappy vapid profession anyday.

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