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Why do Judges have to be “creative?”

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 1, 2011

Isn’t that actually COUNTER to what a judge should be?

My point here is that Justice Vinson has produced a workmanlike application of the Supreme Court case law devoid of flights of creativity, as befits a district court judge. Politicos who froth about what an extreme activist he is are trying to cow the judiciary into approving of the law because it’s a big fucking deal.


(I think she is making the same point, but just that that turn of phrase would pound out. . .well, it says something right there I reckon.)

I’m not a lawyer, but I would rather have a calm, bland analytical judge gauging my case when I stand before him them rather than Oscar Wylde offering up witticisms.

Quote by Althouse.

[update] Nope, she’s saying the judge should have been creative.


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