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Posted by Wickedpinto on February 2, 2011

Since the so much of Nation is covered in a whole hell of a lot of snow, I should share these pic’s, taken just within about a mile of where I live, none of them are very major, and some might seem completely meaningless, but eh. so e it.

Not easy to see this, this is a sidestreet (about 6 hours after the snow stopped.)  The cleared area is the area in front of a local church, beyond that, you can see all the untouched, or barely touched rest of the street.  There are a lot of houses on that street, and a lot of people who won’t just have to dig out their car, but their entire block.

That is a snowblower path on the sidewalk.  The snow is about 2′ high, I forgot to include something to compare how deep it was.   I took that one, cuz the walk was cleared for about 4 blocks, stretching the entire length of the walk from the church till the sidewalk goes away, and the guy just finished when I got there.  I didn’t talk to him, but I got the impression that it was the same guy who cleared out the church area.  A little good samaritanishness.

Yeahp they were open, walked in to ask if I could take the picture and put it up, offered me a brew, no thanks, walking was hazardous enough.  Next pic is their parking lot.

So basically until they get it cleared, they don’t have a parking lot, but there were I would say 5 customers there when I walked in.  Apparently a number of people need a muscle relaxer to ease their aching backs.

I talked to this guy for a minute because he gave me a strange looked when I walked by smiling, and I asked him if he was responsible for all of that.  As you can see that snow mountain right next to him, that he was still adding to.  He said yes, and then I asked.

If he was responsible for those.  Yeahp, he was.  His neighbor is kinda elderly, so he did his car, his wifes car and his neighbors car.  I don’t know if the perspective shows how tall those are, but they are almost as tall as me, which is a little taller than that guy.  He must have been out there when the first plow came by and not stopped until about the time I walked past him.  Another good samaritan.

those are railroad tracks.  I was thinking “Man!  I sure wish we had some highspeed trains to take me to detroit!”  And that’s a mild example, there are images of some CTA traintracks that had more than 4 feet of snow stacked on them.

I just thought this one was kinda funny.  the might be overstocked, so you can call crazy langs to for all your Ice Needs, Call NOW NOW NOW!

Summary:  It was a lot, but my area, comparatively, got off a little lighter than others, but it still deserves to be called snowpacolypse.   There is also the reality that it isn’t expected to get above freezing for more than 12 days, and I only say 12 days, because I couldn’t find any weather predictions that go beyond 12 days, so all that stuff is basically gonna stay where it is, until moved, for a while.

Tomorrow I will update the post with some of the happy joy joy stuff, cuz all of the kids in the neighborhood are gonna be attacking the snow for fun after they get done shoveling it out of the parents way.  One neighbor already started on a snow fort, but I think he’s gonna expand on it so we will see where he and the other kiddoes are at.

[update] Okay shot a few pic’s today, didn’t walk very far, it was friggn cold (4 degree’s including windchill, though I think it was colder than that.)

The city was nice enough to come through and plow the alley.  To which, I think, this particularneighbor said “Thank you?”

That’s the rest of the alley going in one direction.  A car can maneuver down it well enough, not bad, thank you city for clearing out the alley.  The city was also nice enough to plow the streets running perpendicular to the ally.  Leading again to the observation of those who prefer to use that ally. . . “Thank you?

Kinda heard to see it, but apparently after they plowed the alley, another plow plowed the crossing streeting stacking up a few feet of snow giving the alley only one passage for ingress and egress.

Apparently it was too cold for the kiddos for the most part, so I only got one happy happy joy joy pick, and it cute, so I will put it in big.

the big brother started it yesterday so that his little brother and sister could play fort, but the little sister, isn’t allowed to play without one of her brothers or mother or father watching out, you know, the justincase situation.  the mom said that the big brother, if he had a snow day might expand on it for his sister.  Good family, cute fort.  I might ask for a tour.


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