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Star Spangled Banner

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 7, 2011

I believe this is considered the best performance at the superbowl.

Thing I like most about that performance, is that when the camera is on her, she looks like she is really enjoying the fact that she is allowed to sing the nations anthem during the most viewed television broadcast in the US (and likely world, on average year) rather than seeing it as an opportunity to increase her exposure so that she can jump start, an (at that time already) fading career, or push a new movie.

Compare and contrast. Whitney’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” with Christina’s re-envisioning.

Christina?  The National Anthem isn’t a comic book hero film franchise.  You don’t Reboot it, you idiot, and it isn’t like it’s the first time you dumped a word from the song.

National sports franchises?  Please, just hire a 13 year old girl who’s big brother is in the military to sing it from now on.  That way if they flub the lyrics (not likely, they aren’t old enough to consider the nation quaint yet) it’s understandable because they are performing before a big audience for the first time, not because they are self centered individuals dedicated to demonstrating their range and finding a way to work in their “soul” voice to something that is a representation of 300 million people, and not just themselves.


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