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“Atlas Shrugged” Trailer

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 11, 2011

Why do they have the score that goes with “24,” playing in the background?  It’s not exactly the kinda story that goes along with “In a World…”  or “Imagine a World,” or whatever.

The jump cuts with only 2 recurring characters that shows them in the dynamic high action motions that suit the sountrack, like Sitting in the back of a limousine, or Standing in an office wearing a suit, or getting out of a limousine, or Sitting behind a desk, or standing behind a desk?   Who made that decision?  The first “book” of “Atlas Shrugged,” was cocktail parties, deadpan deliveries and philosophical hooey.  There is no reason to have a soundtrack that insinuates that the ocean human mutant monster is about to invade your deep sea mining rig and try to kill peter weller.  Or that your Artificialy intelligent self producing border robot guards are about to attack the last human compound on the planet and try to kill peter weller.

Might have tolerated it better if they didn’t treat it like an action movie, which it most definitely isn’t, and came at it more like say, The Trailer of Wall Street

(official trailer embedding is removed, but it’s actually kinda funny)

Which is really kinda a parody of itself.

But did the producers think they need the trailer for “Atlas Shrugged,” one of the slowest reading books ever written with interesting prognostication and valid philosophy, and virtually no “action,” need to be presented like it’s “Salt.”

The difference is the Salt Trailer sets a scene.  The trailer for Atlas shrugged is all over the place.

Also, the characterization of Elias Wyatt takes the “That controled violence as he approaches all things,” Blah blah blah, is WAY over the top.  If you reader (me) miss it I will point it out.

I think it COULD be a movie, but other than the cast (backbenchers but good actors) I don’t see much in the trailer that lends itself to any kinda acclaim for anyone but fans of Ayn.

Summary, unless you are a fan of Ayn, I doubt this movie is worth watching, unless you really really really wanna sleep with a hot person who happens to be a fan of Ayn. (Lady’s, I think Nick Gillespie is available.)

I have to thank Ace for the “In a World” thing. You’ll get it if you watch it.

[update] The reviews are VERY POSSITIVE, the VIEWER reviews that is. I’ve been looking for second week returns, but I don’t work in the business, I might ask one of my friends who does if he can point me to a place, but the per theater, and the CUSTOMER reviews (which is what really matters not the inarticulate angry ebert) seem rather strong.


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