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The Raven

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 26, 2011

Was watching, “Son of Svengooli,” tonight and, “The Raven,” was the movie they were featuring.  Here’s a brief clip.

Throughout the movie he’s wearing that outfit. look like it is made out of USACU Universal Camouflage patterned material.

Is it just me?  Or Is Vincent Price about to attack a small north african urban area?

[update] I included a link to the wiki page for ,”Son of Svengoolie,” because not everyone might be familiar with it. It was a horror based, saturday evening broadcast, like elvira, only with smaller breasts and a bigger mustache, hosted by Rich Koz, a local radio personality, and now a sports broadcaster on ABC. In the Early Eighties, he joined with a few other market based broadcasters of genre films to broadcast old movies that were changed to 3d. (I think Elvira was a part of that also.) and you could only get the glasses at 7/11 or clark gas stations with a purchase of x amount or more. I’m fairly sure most people in this area remember that particular event.



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