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I often ignore citizen video posts of corruption and waste

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 30, 2011

Until someone else who cares actually views it and offers analysis.

This is ridiculous.

The husband disagreed but wasn’t a jerk, and when threatened with he and his wife being restrained or jailed, (the woman clearly insinuates restraining the wife from climbing the pole (insert joke later) to protect her property) and then the blond chick, and the cop outright lied, while threatening legal action, and then intimidated private citizens on private property!  WTF!

I hope this is just a big fat whiner who is exaggerating the situation, excluding background, or maybe some ridiculous piece of performance art, but I doubt it, and the reason I’m hoping that the video is wrong, is because it’s bad imagery, bad precedent, bad citizenship on the part of the “civil servants” and just plain bad.  Seems like a small thing, but, think of the cost of the rig, the cost of digging it out, that guy ain’t no spring chicken, and thinking about the neighborhood games that will be ended because of it?

IN A CULDESAC!!  I can’t think of many culdesacs in my my area that don’t have basketball hoops installed by a nice neighbor with kids so their kids can play basketball in a rather safe environment.    That blonde, should have arrested the driver of the front loader for endanger the lives of minors in a FRIGGEN CUL DE SAC!

Thanks to QandO

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How to describe?

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 30, 2011

I’m going with AWESOME!

That is just a neat vid.

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Anarchy In the UK!

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 29, 2011

Doesn’t seem like a lot of anarchy.

The organized anarchists

Isn’t that contradictory? Don’t seem like Anarchists, seems more like a bunch of jerks who know they aren’t gonna be shot.

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My Opinion

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 28, 2011

It’s just opinion, and I admit I’m partial.

I like michelle bachmann, I think she is a great representative, and a good speaker for the basics of conservative principles

Let me put this in context, I think she is a GREAT REPRESENTATIVE, and a good speaker for the basics of conservative principles.

And just to make this Clear, to paraphrase Trey Parker and Matt Stone when doing commentary about when they went to Russel Crowes private debut of 20 aught grunt or whatever his bands name is. “she is a GREAT REPRESENTATIVE, and a good speaker for the basics of conservative principles.”

But Mitch Daniels can lead, even with his goofy unassuming attitude. Also, when even your allies are attacking you, then you know that you are a force. I know Palin knows that, but please sarah don’t run, and get behind Daniells.

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Sunday musical interlude

Posted by mesablue on March 27, 2011

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 25, 2011


It’s not neocon hatemongers using any excuse to get the Residents case, but a reality. Even when clinton went into the balkans (we were in a lot more places than bosnia) He didn’t do so until he had already submitted a request to congress, and congress eventually approved. What this says about executive war powers is at best bizarre and at worst (though I disagree) impeachable.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 20, 2011

I try to spend as much time with my nephews as possible. When this comes on, they sorta dance. It wasn’t a one off I saw it at least twice. They do this long walk lunge thing, while laughing and falling down. Especially when daddy (my bro) is singing along.


I don’t know what I find more entertaining, the little guys doing their dance, or their dad singing along and doing a semi-dance.

Being their dad’s brother?  I still go with the boys, just cuz it’s their job to be cute, though having a guy who could snap me in two singing, “What’s gonna work!  TEAM WORK!” while making arm gestures, is pretty flogging funny in and of itself.

Here’s a longer cut, of a portion of one of the episodes.

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Matt Labash, being a Jackhole.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 14, 2011

I don’t think it’s a big deal, you wanna get your blood boiling about Anti-Palin rhetoric, read the comments sections in the different places where this is being hashed out.

What Labash did, when he referenced “naughty librarian glasses,” was lazy writing, and likely proof that people don’t bother to understand how all of this stuff gets out into the mainstream.  He made the same mistake that the anchor of “The Tiffany Network,” made, when referencing the whole “I can see Russia from my house.” which wasn’t palin, but rather tina fey.  The Naught Librarian thing, is from a brief statement that Palin offered on the Late Late Show, with Craig Ferguson shortly after she became Governor of Alaska.  Palin sent a taped response to a late night comedian, knowing the nature of the situation, and decided to use it to promote her state, and deliver a little humor at the same time.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I didn’t know who the hell Palin was until the week before the announcement, and first thing I did was google her, that was before I started only using bing because google is fascist, and what was the most popular response before she became an evil evil evil fundamentalist, birther, young earth, neo-con, warmonger?

This is the vid of how everyone started using the naughty librarian thing.

So, maybe we should just fire all of the pundits, and hire craig ferguson and conan o’brien to offer us their political analysis.

Labash was lazy, and derogatory, but he was referencing a comedy show.  What Craig did was all in good fun, and made it clear he was just telling a joke to the audience.

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I’m REALLY getting to like this guy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 14, 2011

Via Mrs. Meade.

Guy is as old as my dad, but nuts of steel in all of the vids, and doesn’t seem to give one damn if he gets heckled for doing what is right, which is how we should all be.

But, I used to just think of him as Mr. Althouse in a way, but The Meader, is a Leader!  Maybe if his state senator is recalled, we can run The Meader in that district?  He has the exposure, a good communications base, a rather attractive wife (I say rather attractive, because she corrected me when I said, something like “I wish I were old so I could have met you in college!” when she first posted her law student picture.) a solid set of moral principles, and got nuts to do what is right and damn the judgment!

Meade! for Wisconsin state Senator, after recall.

He can even use my phrase, “The Meader Is a Leader!”

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 13, 2011

Hong Kong phooey, which is actually, in my opinion now, kinda racist now that I look back on it, it was a fun show, I don’t think it was a full show, I think it was part of HB’s blends.

I chose to use this one this week, as opposed to every other week for the last year or so since I did this regularly, because, bro pointed me out to the channel on his satellite provider that only played old school cartoons.  I put it on, not because I wanted to watch it, I wanted to watch band of brothers, but with a focus group of 5 adults and 2 toddlers?  Yeah, the toddlers win, even though they speak something, but I’m quite confident it’s not english, no matter what the toddlers win.

In a way it was surreal, It’s been a LONG time since every member of my immediate family were in the same place, but hong kong phooey came on while my pops was playing with one boy, my mom with the other, and I performed for them as the music played (I even have a semi-dance) to hong kong phooey, as my brother was putting on his shoes (ironically to go out and buy a new pair of shoes)

I knew the words, I knew the rythmn, and, as I mentioned, I have a sorta dance to the theme.  My mom just thought I was just being me, which is a bit of an attention whore (which I’m not, but she has the same misinterpretation as a lot of people do.) and my brother just ignored it for the most part, and my dad, who, well is my dad asked, “How do you know those lyrics?”  actually, I think he said “You know this song kid? after all these years?”  (ignoring the dance.)

The nephews noticed the dance, not much, they didn’t mimic it but when it came on they looked at me wanting to repeat my performance, so of course I did.  I’m their uncle, I’m their punk until they do something dangerous.

Maybe I can find a way to build that up, I don’t mind being the stern uncle who can act goofy sometimes so that they can smile.

A longer version is from Saturday Morning Cartoons, the revisioned album as performed by sublime, I just hope the boys don’t know that Brad was a junkie punk until they are old enough to know that becoming a junkie makes you a punk.

Why WOULDN’T an arrogant eff like me love Hong Kong Phooey?

He’s got style.

A groovy smile.

And a bod that just won’t stop.

And be fore he get’s super tough,

With a hong kong phooey chop!



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Problem with Assumptions.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 11, 2011

I thought this was about this and not about this.

so I read the whole thing, and felt like a bigger and bigger nerd than ever.

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Space Nerd Stuff.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 10, 2011

Masten did another tethered test and they have video.

I know that a lot of the vtvl focus is for lunar work, but I can’t help but think this, if it’s as reliable as masten seems to be, that it will also be used to deliver large laboratory payloads to mars(like the mars rovers, only larger, and maybe with larger lifespans.)

I think all of these VTVL tests are impressive as all hell.  They are balancing an item of varying mass, in a single space on a needle of force, while also compensating for environmental stuff, wind humidity rain, blah.  Meanwhile, I can open a beerbottle with my teeth.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 10, 2011

Here’s the vid, I won’t yank it, so go there.

Is it just me, or at about 1:00 is there someone who assaults a cop?

Really peaceful guys.

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The STRATEGIC Oil Reserve.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 8, 2011

Bush never tapped it, he added to it. Even Larry Kudlow, who I generally like, got on Bushes crap about tapping into it as the price of gas grew. You DO NOT TAP the STRATEGIC oil reserve to temporarily, and it would be very temporary, reduce the price of gas. It’s called THE STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE, because it is mainted for STRATEGIC purposes. That’s like saying “the price of a cruise with Carnival is too expensive, lets let everyone ride on the USS Enterprise!?” NO!

The STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE is meant to be kept for the purposes of STRATEGIC importance, like securing more oil! It’s not bi-annual, or quadrenial oil reserve, it’s a STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE!!!!

Please? Pundits? Shut your effing holes.

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A fun read

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 8, 2011

15 conspiracy movies that don’t fall apart at the end.

The pic’s are good, and the analysis is a fun read. One of the things I notice about the picks is that a lot of them are extremely slow moving and arduous movies to endure. Like “the Parallax View,” which is the first pick, that movie seems to last forever, yet it might be because I hate warren beatty and really only liked him him bugsy.

One of the picks, blowout, is one of my favorite movies because the ending is kinda powerful, and satisfies the classical formula of ending as you started. For a more current example, I would include salt. Though Salt is a good old action flic, the underlying conspiracy is fun to keep up with, it’s not all about action, there are revelations and dark corners being explored, granted, in terms of it being a flash bang action flic, but still good.

via Althouse.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 8, 2011

Via Hotair,

Noone pulled over, or called the police. WTF?

When I was in highschool, one of my friends made fun of me, because I was going to an arcade, actually batting cages, and I got hit by a car when I wasn’t looking as I crossed the street, and my buddy saw it happen. My bat bounced and got dinged up really bad, and I hit the hood, and the windshield and bounced over the top of the car. It was really kinda surreal, I walked away with just a big ass bruise on my thigh. The driver, who wasn’t much older than I was freaking out, I said I was fine, I will just have a bruise, he gave me his number anyways, really hoping that I was okay, which I was, and then I complained cuz I didn’t know where my bat was.

That was the joke. A couple years later, one of our other friends, missed class, and the same friend who saw me fly over a car without harm said “He got hit by a car.” I thought he was screwing with me, I asked if his bat got effed up or something like that. My friend, the one who saw me perform some sort of movie stunt accidentally said “No, he got hit by a car,” and did the onomatapeia, “Padump Padump.” and the effing guy that hit him left the scene.

I can’t imagine being someone so callous that that they can drive over a human body and not at least call the flogging police, let alone apparently 20 of them in a row.

Human Scum.

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David Brooks

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 7, 2011

Did he EVER have a lunch that someone else didn’t eat?

Really, for someone with the intellectual squint, he says the dumbest things.

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In general I can’t stand her policy positions.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 7, 2011

But there is just something that is so likeable about her, that I can’t help but love Cindy Lauper. Maybe it is her work with Cpt. Lou Albano/Mario (from the mario tv series on fox, based on the video games.) Hell, I even liked VIBES.

The entire movie is available on youtube, but for some reason AMA gets a lot of scruitiny and immediately after I post pretty much any video it’s pulled down, so click now.

That is part one.

and here is part one of episode one of the super mario brothers show. (no cindy in this one, though I think she appeared in later episodes.)

though it does include nicole eggert who was one of my childhood crushes, this is just before she was in charles in charge, and before she got nude in that bad Feldman Haim movie because she trusted haim, since they were dating at the time.

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Dear Mike Huckabee, Umm No. Sincerely Wickedpinto.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 3, 2011

And even if he could win, he shouldn’t.

Huckabee says something stupid and self serving, Again.

Huck, even if you could win, it’s only because Obama is that much worse than you. How about you stop campaigning for a job noone wants you to have, tainting the primaries, and screwing everyone over, and you just come up with policy arguments, that don’t consist of you railing against the same old stale social con crap that you rode to failure last time.

If you want to help, then initiate policy discussions, engage the populace and promote your idea’s, and get the hell away from the primaries so that we don’t end up with McCain, AGAIN!

Really? What is it with this friggen guy? He won IOWA and was the favorite on social issues? He won Iowa because he was like a fat kid winning shopping spree at the local icecream shop as he nommed on “fried” pork chops, and gamed the system the same way obama did. YAY! You! You chased even romney out of the race, but not until after you screwed over every fiscal hawk in the primary with assistance.


[update: As Usual, Insty says it more pithy and quite humorously.]

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A good reason to push for at least one recall of the fleeing 14?

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 3, 2011

The “leaders” of the fleebaggers won’t commit to coming back and doing their job, so push the recall proposals. To oppose the recall, and to maybe take part in the special election one of those dem’s, even if they aren’t actually recalled and replaced would have to come back to at least offer opposition, thus putting them into the jurisdiction of the senate, making their quorum. Doesn’t that sound right?

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