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You know.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 1, 2011

There are a lot of terms and phrases that we use, but don’t know how we came about using them. I like etymology, the study of words and phrases, I do it because I think it’s neat, one of my nerd things that I do.

But did you know that the terms “Over the Top.” “Blood Bath,” and “Killing Field” were all born during the first world war?

Well the last man who knew exactly what those terms meant died the other day. Mr. Buckles was the last US veteran of WWI. The living memory of that time passed with him, but I hope that we can remember just how tough those guys had it. We praise the “Greatest Generation” and rightly so, but compare that to what the veterans of “The Great War” went through?

Mr. Buckles may not have had to go over the top, but he saw the blood bath and the killing fields as a ambulance driver, and he was the last who could tell us the story first hand. We lost a National treasure. We lost someone who served, and was kind, and who loved his nation.

If he was nothing else, I think that’s enough. At least it is in my book.

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