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Dear Mike Huckabee, Umm No. Sincerely Wickedpinto.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 3, 2011

And even if he could win, he shouldn’t.

Huckabee says something stupid and self serving, Again.

Huck, even if you could win, it’s only because Obama is that much worse than you. How about you stop campaigning for a job noone wants you to have, tainting the primaries, and screwing everyone over, and you just come up with policy arguments, that don’t consist of you railing against the same old stale social con crap that you rode to failure last time.

If you want to help, then initiate policy discussions, engage the populace and promote your idea’s, and get the hell away from the primaries so that we don’t end up with McCain, AGAIN!

Really? What is it with this friggen guy? He won IOWA and was the favorite on social issues? He won Iowa because he was like a fat kid winning shopping spree at the local icecream shop as he nommed on “fried” pork chops, and gamed the system the same way obama did. YAY! You! You chased even romney out of the race, but not until after you screwed over every fiscal hawk in the primary with assistance.


[update: As Usual, Insty says it more pithy and quite humorously.]

One Response to “Dear Mike Huckabee, Umm No. Sincerely Wickedpinto.”

  1. Alfie said

    Hear hear!

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