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David Brooks

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 7, 2011

Did he EVER have a lunch that someone else didn’t eat?

Really, for someone with the intellectual squint, he says the dumbest things.

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In general I can’t stand her policy positions.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 7, 2011

But there is just something that is so likeable about her, that I can’t help but love Cindy Lauper. Maybe it is her work with Cpt. Lou Albano/Mario (from the mario tv series on fox, based on the video games.) Hell, I even liked VIBES.

The entire movie is available on youtube, but for some reason AMA gets a lot of scruitiny and immediately after I post pretty much any video it’s pulled down, so click now.

That is part one.

and here is part one of episode one of the super mario brothers show. (no cindy in this one, though I think she appeared in later episodes.)

though it does include nicole eggert who was one of my childhood crushes, this is just before she was in charles in charge, and before she got nude in that bad Feldman Haim movie because she trusted haim, since they were dating at the time.

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