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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 8, 2011

Via Hotair,

Noone pulled over, or called the police. WTF?

When I was in highschool, one of my friends made fun of me, because I was going to an arcade, actually batting cages, and I got hit by a car when I wasn’t looking as I crossed the street, and my buddy saw it happen. My bat bounced and got dinged up really bad, and I hit the hood, and the windshield and bounced over the top of the car. It was really kinda surreal, I walked away with just a big ass bruise on my thigh. The driver, who wasn’t much older than I was freaking out, I said I was fine, I will just have a bruise, he gave me his number anyways, really hoping that I was okay, which I was, and then I complained cuz I didn’t know where my bat was.

That was the joke. A couple years later, one of our other friends, missed class, and the same friend who saw me fly over a car without harm said “He got hit by a car.” I thought he was screwing with me, I asked if his bat got effed up or something like that. My friend, the one who saw me perform some sort of movie stunt accidentally said “No, he got hit by a car,” and did the onomatapeia, “Padump Padump.” and the effing guy that hit him left the scene.

I can’t imagine being someone so callous that that they can drive over a human body and not at least call the flogging police, let alone apparently 20 of them in a row.

Human Scum.

2 Responses to “Apathy”

  1. voxnewman said

    I got hit by a car once and I felt really bad for this old man who’d been turning onto the street of his Orthodox church so that he could attend choir practice. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

  2. Douglas said

    yeah Vox, I have a few stories about nearly hitting pedestrians, or actually having car accidents where I was so amped up I thought I was gonna die if the worst was true.

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