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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 13, 2011

Hong Kong phooey, which is actually, in my opinion now, kinda racist now that I look back on it, it was a fun show, I don’t think it was a full show, I think it was part of HB’s blends.

I chose to use this one this week, as opposed to every other week for the last year or so since I did this regularly, because, bro pointed me out to the channel on his satellite provider that only played old school cartoons.  I put it on, not because I wanted to watch it, I wanted to watch band of brothers, but with a focus group of 5 adults and 2 toddlers?  Yeah, the toddlers win, even though they speak something, but I’m quite confident it’s not english, no matter what the toddlers win.

In a way it was surreal, It’s been a LONG time since every member of my immediate family were in the same place, but hong kong phooey came on while my pops was playing with one boy, my mom with the other, and I performed for them as the music played (I even have a semi-dance) to hong kong phooey, as my brother was putting on his shoes (ironically to go out and buy a new pair of shoes)

I knew the words, I knew the rythmn, and, as I mentioned, I have a sorta dance to the theme.  My mom just thought I was just being me, which is a bit of an attention whore (which I’m not, but she has the same misinterpretation as a lot of people do.) and my brother just ignored it for the most part, and my dad, who, well is my dad asked, “How do you know those lyrics?”  actually, I think he said “You know this song kid? after all these years?”  (ignoring the dance.)

The nephews noticed the dance, not much, they didn’t mimic it but when it came on they looked at me wanting to repeat my performance, so of course I did.  I’m their uncle, I’m their punk until they do something dangerous.

Maybe I can find a way to build that up, I don’t mind being the stern uncle who can act goofy sometimes so that they can smile.

A longer version is from Saturday Morning Cartoons, the revisioned album as performed by sublime, I just hope the boys don’t know that Brad was a junkie punk until they are old enough to know that becoming a junkie makes you a punk.

Why WOULDN’T an arrogant eff like me love Hong Kong Phooey?

He’s got style.

A groovy smile.

And a bod that just won’t stop.

And be fore he get’s super tough,

With a hong kong phooey chop!



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