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How about?. . .

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 24, 2011

Instead of hitting a loudmouth blowhard on his positions based on minutiae, they hit . . say, The President of The United States of America with his outright lies(almost everything he says), abuse of executive privilege(the war without consultation in Libya), and something that can only described as blatantly illegal (the signing statement thing) But, his wife is a fashion superstar so screw it. Michelle is a LOT hotter than Milania.

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It’s almost as though Multi-Nationalism

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 24, 2011

in an endeavour that the US is almost the exclusive financier is Stupid.

If Russia doesn’t like it, then remove the US astronauts, and have russia move the russian portion of the station away, from the main body. I’m Sure they can hire spacex to accomodate them for changing their stations aspect.

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How about,

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2011

Instead of parental consent before molesting children, they have probable cause before they lay a hand on anyone.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 11, 2011

Apparently, being in charge consists of knowing what it takes to be in charge is to know what it takes to be in charge. It’s like a 4 year degree with 6 years in post grad research all in a single article.

Fucking retards.

I think Mesa can judge on this as much if not more than me. This is how you gauge which Marine rates Merit. The Marine of lesser rank than you, who needed something and made you want to obey them, THAT is a leader, no matter the rank. The Marine that you gave an order to and corrected you? THAT is a leader. The Marines who know less, and admit it, but ask while being confusing? that is a leader.

It’s easy to be a leader, as long as you have testicles, or don’t give a damn about theirs.

The civilian world doesn’t have that aspect, PERIOD in my experience, and I’ve been in a lot of fields.

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Archimedes would be proud.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 10, 2011

I can’t link the vid directly but watch it it’s impressive.

Some might think that “Oh yeah, we apply 21st century technology to do what ever 8 year old did with a magnifying glass, or the bottom of a measuring cup on ants. But keep in mind, the target was constant, in three dimensions. That is a brilliant gimble and a perfectly located targeting system. As for the overall effect, you have to remember that balistics are very refined items in their specific builds. A plastic GASKET destroyed the most complex machine ever designed made and operated. A minor interruption in design can destroy a ballistic doesn’t require the minute it takes to set that boat on fire. You just hit it and soften the external shaping, and BOOM!

That’s impressive as all hell. Also, notice, it’s not like that boat is a static target, It’s being rocked and rolled by the ocean. Again. 3 Dimentional acquisition, AMAZING!

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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 3, 2011

Romper Room, not a cartoon, but this time the “C” stands for “Childood.” so suck that.

I used to watch that show EVERY DAY, particularly the magic mirror part.  In the 80’s it ws Miss Jennifer who was guiding the Romper Room, and I would watch it (because it was on just before G-Force/Battle of the Planets)  and that bitch, not in my 4 years of gradeschool that I can recall ever said my name, I even wrote in.

EVIL EVIL WOMAN, but then again, she is using a magic mirror and maybe she is currently being tortured by dwarfs.

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