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This is made public, Why?

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 7, 2011

Apparently the Intel captured at Bin Ladens “compound” give a hint as to where the badguys are. Isn’t that something you would want to keep quiet, until we capture or kill, most preferably kill, the badguys?

Via Hot Air

2 Responses to “This is made public, Why?”

  1. Don said

    This year marks the fortieth anniversary of my discharge from The United States Marine Corps. It was something to put behind me, as many of the 4-F’s at the time felt obligated to put it down. When I see guy’s ribbons on a baseball cap I wonder about him. Quite often, they are bogus. I know guys who can’t seem to figure just where they were, and offer the excuse “who remembers”. EVERYBODY remembers. Seems every guy who put on a set of crackerjacks was a navy seal.The point? All glory is fleeting. It’s over with let it go. If you expect to impress me, you don’t. I see CARs on the back of a pickup truck driven by a scrawny old fart who doesn’t have enough ass to make a finger print. A guy who displays Viet-Nam and Desert storm ribbons on his baseball cap who hasn’t been to either. When someone who has been “there” talks about it, no one believes. All I want to do is let it go, but it’s in my face everyday. “They let me out cause I had a hernia.” Bullshit, these guys didn’t make the cut, personality disorders usually. Couldn’t make it. So much for educational or medical benefits.So much for a no money down home loan. To bad for you 4-F. Got a deferment and spit on us returning Nam Vets? Now you got health issues and you wonder how you’ll pay the bill? Too bad.Can’t let it go because you didn’t have a parade? Too bad> Get over it.

  2. I believe that is that man I used to call my father. Wonder if he’s still alive. Nah, I don’t care.

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