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Zombies needed in the Mesa AZ area. (updated for those who are considering)

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 28, 2011

This was forwarded to me by Ed Gruberman.

A good friend of the Don’t Get Bit crew is filming a Zombie Movie and needs zombies! May 28th, 2011 from 12:30 – 6:00 in Mesa Arizona he is having a Zombie Costume Contest and Movie Shoot. All ages welcome, KIDS TOO and EVERYONE who shows up dressed as a zombie will be in the movie. The 10 best costumes win a bigger role in the movie and VIP tickets to the Premier.

This film is a comedy, there is no foul language, sex, or sexual situations in this film. It is expected to get a PG13 rating by the Local Arizona Filmmakers and will Premier at the Filmstock Film Festival (date TBD).

For complete details please email FilmZombies@gmail.com or you can download the PDF flier by going to my blog… http://dontgetbit.wordpress.com/

So if are interested in a an afternoon of entertainment and are in the Mesa AZ neighborhood, get ahold of them and help out our bud.

[update: god info from Ryan for all those considering to be zombies.]

Need zombie makeup or help with your makeup/costume ideas?

Feel free to contact Benjie Messer: https://www.facebook.com/bmesser1

He’s got a lead on a group that has tons of zombie makeup and they are eager to get you zombified!! Get in touch with him and they will make you up right!

Let’s get undead!

Thank you ryan, I will forward all that I can for any of us Morons who might be in the area.

One Response to “Zombies needed in the Mesa AZ area. (updated for those who are considering)”

  1. Jason said

    Thanks Brother! It should be a great time!

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