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A soliloquy

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 21, 2011

to the most frightening weapons platform ever.

I love the A-10, it’s a weapon with wings not a plane with weapons. That effer just says “RUN BITCHES!!!! TOO LATE BRAUGHT!”

I knew a couple pilots, and having been a Marine at one time, the focus was “close support.” Other than my fanboydom of how awesome that sucker is, I got word from those pilots that the only thing that even came close to “comparing” given the technology of the time of creation is the Corsair, and I heard this line, “Even the Corsair isn’t in the same book, let alone chapter as the A-10. The Corsair, by comparisson is a sparrow, the A-10 is 20 hawks.”


6 Responses to “A soliloquy”

  1. First time I visited your Blog. I must say that you are out there! However, I had some strange attraction to your posts and kept reading them. I must be sick. Good stuff!

  2. thanks fred and jeff radio. there are actually a number of co-bloggers, but they are suffering burnout, so I am just trying to fill space most of the time.

  3. I think that tom clancy, in describing the A-10 as “the devils cross” was actually a quote he gathered from libian resources from the ’80’s air raid on libya that included (it did) A-10’s. In a directional dumb bombing they look like the cross of peter/the devils cross.

  4. or is it paul? I’m not very good in my theology.

  5. Dick said

    I always felt so comfortable when I spotted an A10 hovering and darting about like some sort of freakish dove. When they were around, you automatically knew you weren’t gonna die.

  6. I never saw combat, but I can believe that dick. She is beautiful in her terror. Especially when you hear that “BRAUGHT!” You want to crap yourself and cry with joy because you know when they fire for effect, it’s against the mofo’s that are trying to kill you.

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