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Day after Thanksgiving

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 28, 2011

first, let me say that the story of squanto, while not easy, WAS something that can be seen as a miracle.  The confluence of events that allowed the pilgrims to befriend local natives is something that is either an EXTRAORDINARILY darwinian mutation, or a miracle.

Anyways, my point.

Two links of people giving thanks and one link to someone who we should give thanks to.

First I give thanks Kazaia, a beautiful woman, who ACTUALLY supports the troops.

Next?  I give thanks to lizzie palmer. a young lady who loves America, and understand what it really is to support the troops.

Finaly, I give thanks to a 6 year old, who was a superhero for 2 days, and can teach MOST of us what it is to be noble, caring, kind and accepting.

Look at those people, look at their reactions, look at their stories and then look at yourselves.

If you still hate America, then let me give you this fact.  It’s not America’s fault, it is yours.

[inclusion]  I just woke up, and I had a dream where I went to one of the random meetups us online dorks have, and in that dream I met lizzie palmer.  I don’t think I have ever woken up feeling so good.

3 Responses to “Day after Thanksgiving”

  1. WP, I just followed the link and watched the video by Lizzie Palmer. Thanx for posting it.

    Semper Fi.

  2. hi.. I am From Indonesia beautiful country..how are you??….. introduction from my blog…..can we exchange link……add me here…thank very much ok……success always 🙂

  3. BUJIE?

    let me quote a great man, I like to call him one of those rare mystic names sometimes assigned to living individuals, but I call him “my father.”

    Who the FUCK ARE YOU?!

    Earn it.

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