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Memorial Day

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 28, 2012

Every does, or should know what today means.  I will add my small contribution nonetheless.

I served briefly.  It was the greatest time of my life, most people say that about other things, and what they had might have been perfect for them, but I served and as I say, and it’s true, I was the worst kind of Marine, because I was a true believer.  I don’t cry at movies, seeing “stomping” videos doesn’t make me sad, it makes me mad, but Days like today, Independence Day, Veterans day and my and my brothers, like Mesa, birthday make me sentimental and I might get misty.

I lost my service, but still have my life, it was like a divorce, but there are a very hard to number of individuals who didn’t lose their service but lost their lives. 

Today we honor all those men and women, for being better, braver and more willing to do the things that must to the point that all we have left of them is a memory rather than their company.  In a way, their absence should be a more resounding proclamation of their greatness than any stupid bit of text I can type.

Rest well warriors, you have earned it, and I’m sorry that some of your dreams were cut short, but know that we all thank you for your willingness to let us sleep safe.

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