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Blog day of silence.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 8, 2012

The rules are that there can be one post, I imagine it’s per person, meaning Mesa could make one post as well, as long as it’s about the meaning.

I will say that I find NONE of this surprising.  It’s not a Left Right thing, however those who engage in these tactics are almost exclusively from the left.  I’m not afraid of this punk, first, I’m not old, second, I know a lot of the police and dispatchers in my town, if for some reason my inconsequential ass were ever to be SWATTED, the dispatcher would say to themselves, “I know Wicked, No fucking way!” and third, What do I have to lose?

Fuck this punk.  BRETT KIMBERLAIN.

1 more thing, What This PUNK is doing is not at all outside of the motives of the left, and ACE’s idea, while I think it was poorly planned, makes this one point.   The Left, or at least the Oppressive left always want something, until they have it.  Shut down speech?  Okay, this iis what your world will be like, remove guns?  Then what will you do when it’s YOU on the other end of one?  “YOUR HOUSE!  That’s Cute, I need a place to stay fuck off you disarmed and muzzled mutt.”  “YOUR stuff?  FUCK YOU! I’ll take your shit, even your pot,”   “DEFEND YOURSELF BY RULE OF LAW?   HAHAHAH  Now you are getting funny, FUCK YOU! Stay away from me, even if I routinely put myself within your sphere of action, DELIBERATELY.”


I say fuck you, and now I will go silence, which isn’t hard, I don’t often post anymore, but still.

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